Best Meta Quest 2 accessories in 2023: Cases, power banks & more

meta quest 2

The incredibly popular Meta Quest 2 is prime for some portable VR experiences. However, surely you can take it further? Well, yes, with these accessories!

We’re reaching a prime point in the Meta Quest 2’s life, where there are probably more accessories now than there ever will be. It’s almost too perfect of a time to grab your own headset, despite Meta’s price bump. Or price drop. It depends on how they’re feeling this week.

Even with the Meta Quest 3 on the way, you could be stocking up on some great bits of tech and accessories for your VR experiences if you’re planning to pick one up.

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Despite all that though, here are some of our favorite things to use alongside the Meta Quest 2.

Best Meta Quest 2 power bank: BOBOVR M2 Pro Battery Pack Head Strap

It might seem counterintuitive to attach a battery to your Quest, but the battery life on these things isn’t notorious for being extensive. There’s plenty that attaches to the side of the headset, with a top-rated one being the back-of-the-head attachment from BOBOVR.

This option is outfitted on a back strap, rather than the side like a lot of the other Amazon-based battery packs. This should help balance you out, rather than making more weight for the front of your neck.

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Another option would be to invest in a much bigger, more powerful device like the Omnicharge battery pack. By connecting a super long USB-C cable to it, you’ll find that the massive 20, 000 mAh battery will take your Meta Quest 2 to the moon with how much power will be riding on it.

Best Meta Quest 2 carrying case: Zyber

As with our PSVR 2 recommendations, we fully recommend the Zyber hard carrying case. This case features a hard outer shell, as well as less material than other options on the market. As the Meta Quest 2 is much more portable than the PSVR 2, this would be ideal for those random days when you’ve got to run through the rain or avoid your young cousin spilling their drink all over your precious VR headset.

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Maybe it’s the same day. Maybe little Jerimiah should watch where they put their coke.

Best Meta Quest 2 head strap: Kiwi Comfort head strap

The strap that comes with the Meta Quest 2 can be a little small or even a little weak for extensive use. Thankfully, it’s fully replaceable and you’ll find a bunch online that will suit almost any need.

While we recommended the BOBOVR head strap with a battery, sometimes you just need a simple replacement. For this, we’d probably say to go with one of the alternatives on Amazon. One we’d recommend is the Kiwi Comfort head strap.

It does add some bulk with its design, but it’s far comfier than some of the alternatives and is relatively cheap as well. What it might be missing in slenderness, it makes up for by not having the back of your skull feel crushed with an ever-tightening grip.

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Best Meta Quest 2 VR mat: ProxiMat

Why recommend something else in a segment of VR that has yet to present a great package like the ProxiMat?

With this bit of kit under your feet, you can set the play space of the Meta Quest 2 to only be this. It gives those around you a better indication as to where you are, as well as prevents you from knocking your knees into something. The disasters this could have prevented in the early days of VR.

The thick rubberized bottom prevents it from moving on wooden floors and carpet, while the comfy layer on top is perfect for playing with your grippers out – if you so wish.

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Remember to play safe while using VR, especially with something as disconnected from a host device as the Meta Quest 2.

Get spare Meta Quest 2 controllers – just in case

Looking for spare Meta Quest 2 controllers? Well, you’ll probably end up only using the dedicated Quest remotes, but you can also now use the Quest Pro’s controllers as well. These offer a little more fidelity than their older counterparts and should set you up nicely for when Quest 3 eventually leaves Zuckerberg’s lair.

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