xQc gets roasted over his ‘lack of roleplaying’ by NoPixel owner after GTA RP run-in

xQc gets roasted over his 'lack of roleplaying' by NoPixel owner after GTA RP run-inTwitch: xQc / Rockstar Games

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has crossed paths with many other characters on the GTA RP NoPixel server, but after gunning down the player who owns the server, he got roasted by the man himself.

xQc has had a love-hate relationship with GTA RP ever since he first started playing. But despite being banned and unbanned countless times and vowing to move on, he always ends up back on the NoPixel server at some point.

He was getting up to his usual shenanigans in his latest stint. The action peaked when he had a heated shootout with Koil, the owner and lead developer of the server, who has also been roleplaying on it for a long time.

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xQc effortlessly won the fight, which is no surprise given his prowess at first-person shooters. However, the most interesting part is what happened after. Koil hilariously roasted his roleplaying skills before accepting defeat.

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xQc keeps coming back to GTA RP, although he streams it less than he used to.

Koil’s character was badly wounded from the fight. But when xQc approached him and told him to hand over all his belongings,” he refused, saying, “I can’t believe I died to xQc. I’m going to uninstall” privately to his chat.

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xQc realized he’d also taken a lot of damage in the shootout and was bleeding out. “Oh no, I’m going to die!” he yelled. But then he slipped out of character, saying: “Wait. Do I roleplay here? Ah, f**k roleplay, dude. I’m not going to roleplay.”

“What do you mean here? Do you roleplay anywhere, mate?” laughed Koil, implying that xQc’s roleplaying skills aren’t up to scratch.

xQc smiled for a moment before telling viewers he “had enough” of the guy. So, instead of mugging him, he decided to unload another round of bullets into his head and finish him off. “He’s so f**king annoying,” he said.

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Of course, Koil’s comments were made tongue-in-cheek. He dished out a bit of banter to make light of the situation. And xQc wasn’t that annoyed about it.

Still, it was hilarious to see him take the bait and put Koil out of his misery.

It goes to show that not even the NoPixel server owner can escape xQc’s wrath, and it ended up being yet another memorable moment for his viewers.

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