xQc makes big stream change to counter potential Twitch DMCA bans

Lawrence Scotti

xQc has made a settings change to his Twitch streams that might save him from further headaches and having to deal with DMCA bans.

While he might be one of the most popular streamers around, xQc has had to deal with his fair share of suspensions from the platform.

The Twitch star and former Overwatch pro was banned for the fifth time on August 14, leading fans to wonder if there would come a permanent ban from the platform. That, though, didn’t happen.

When he was banned for watching the Olympics on stream, fellow streamer Tyler 1 said: “these dudes don’t give a f**k” in response to his disregard for violating DMCA rules. Luckily for xQc, he enabled a new setting that should help him combat his ongoing issues with DMCA.

xQc slams Twitch streamers for “ganging up” on him over Olympics DMCA drama
xQc has been known to ignore Twitch’s DMCA policies.

xQc new settings change

xQc discovered a new setting that removes music from videos of previous streams. The new setting, which is a new OBS change with the help of Twitch, will allow streamers to listen to music without having the music show up in the vods later on.

This will help streamers in the long run in avoiding being struck for listening to copyrighted music after the fact – which has been the case for most DMCA claims.

After he found the new setting and saw it working, xQc was shocked, saying: “Oh damn! It works! That’s a big deal.”

The most impressive part of the new feature is that it doesn’t change the streamer’s voice in the VOD, meaning just the music will be removed. Previously streamers would decide to not upload their stream as a video as they could be copyright struck for a sound that played during the stream.

Hopefully, this will allow for streamers to upload their vods without having to worry about backdate DMCA issues.

It might not work for live DMCA bans – which have been handed out on a few occasions – but after the fact bans should be no more.