xQc slams GTA RP as “the most miserable experience” in gaming

xQc looks disappointed at the GTA RP No Pixel server.Twitch: xQc / Rockstar

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel snapped midway through a GTA RP stream, after copping several  Twitch fan demands in a row, calling the popular roleplaying past-time “the most miserable experience” in gaming and claiming only “degenerates” want to grind it anymore.

Twitch’s French-Canadian star has had a chequered history on popular GTA roleplaying server “No Pixel 3.0” since joining early this year, to say the very least.

Since the No Pixel server relaunched in February of this year, the GTA RP lobby has been plagued with dramas, mostly led by xQc and his legions of Twitch fans. He’s had some very high highs on the server, including his incredible Rainbow Road heist achievement alongside Sykkuno, but it’s mainly been spotty.

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The Twitch star has attracted a half-dozen bans from the server, and even forced the moderators to found a new, public lobby ⁠— away from the whitelisted GTA RP world ⁠— just to give him a place to continue his story.

GTA RP’s popularity has waned since its July heyday, but xQc is still playing; though for how much longer remains to be seen after his latest tirade.

xQc gets roasted over his 'lack of roleplaying' by NoPixel owner after GTA RP run-inTwitch: xQc / Rockstar Games
xQc blew up at a Twitch fan midway through his latest GTA RP stream.

Midway through his September 22 stream, the Twitch star (now unbanned again) was on a No Pixel adventure which, according to his GTA RP fans, wasn’t the right choice. Instead, they were repetitively demanding he do another mission.

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xQc had evidently had enough, and lashed out.

“I’m not doing that! I’m trying to get this brain dead character inside a pixelated dog shit, to get pixelated money, in a game no one gives a f**k about, with all these people who pretend to be someone else, cause their lives are so miserable, for all these other people who are even more miserable, okay?

The Twitch star admitted it’s difficult he’s been struggling to enjoy GTA RP recently, and has grappled with the fact ⁠— at least in his eyes ⁠— the roleplaying server is “the most miserable dogs*t” in gaming.

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“Why are you getting mad about this? F**k, this is the most degenerate act of humankind,” xQc added, before threatening to ban the Twitch viewer.

xQc has spoken about his struggles to please ravenous GTA RP fans in the past too; the Twitch star attributes many of his original high-profile No Pixel bans to that same immense pressure.

“It’s odd… I just felt so much pressure,” he said.

“Every time I read chat, and I was doing something they didn’t like, it was just hatred, hatred, hatred, it just doesn’t stop. I don’t find chat bad, but when I was interacting with other players [on the server] the pressure would just be so huge.”

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“Fans, players. When I play… the game would slowly become unbearable. At times it felt like, I can’t breathe. I can’t do nothing at all. I literally cannot breathe.”

xQc's return to GTA RP goes hilariously wrong almost immediatelyTwitch: xQc / Rockstar
xQc has spoken at length about his struggles to please his GTA RP viewers.

In the past, he just shouldered the pressure, marching on into adventure after adventure (or rather, slice of drama after slice of drama) on the GTA roleplaying server, but considering the game has fallen away from the Twitch meta, xQc’s interest in his Jean Paul storyline may well be waning.

The star basically seems at boiling point too: just last week, he threatened to quit entirely over several changes to GTA RP policing on the No Pixel server.

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