xQc announces new GTA RP NoPixel “sister” server that he won’t get banned from

xQc New NoPixel Server Announcement Twitch LogoTwitch: xQcOW / Rockstar Games

After being permanently banned from the hugely popular NoPixel server, powerhouse streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has revealed that he and the GTA RP server’s founder Koil are creating a sister server with fewer rules and more freedom to terrorize its players.

Along with several other top Twitch streamers, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel entered the NoPixel community in 2020 and changed the server’s dynamics — and the GTA RP landscape — forever.

By taking on a persona of crime and mischief, xQc pitted himself against NoPixel’s police force and was banned no less than four separate times for his repeated run-ins with the server’s law enforcement and other questionable actions.

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NoPixel finally dropped the hammer by issuing xQc a permanent ban from the server on May 23, which many fans saw as the end of his involvement in GTA RP. However, the streamer shocked the community by announcing his return to NoPixel with the blessing of its founder, Koil, by starting a separate server built for criminal activity.

On May 30, Lengyel fired up his Twitch stream and stunned viewers by foreshadowing his completely unanticipated return to GTA RP: “People don’t know about this, but they’re doing a second NoPixel server.”

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Unsurprisingly, his Twitch chat absolutely exploded with excitement at the news of his return, and xQc continued to elaborate on what the new RP experience will look like.

“It’s gonna be a little scuffed,” he admitted, “But I talked to Koil off-stream and the server is ready.” He also confirmed that it would take another few days before everything was in place for the server to open, but thrilled fans with the news that they wouldn’t have to wait long for his return.

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Lengyel also explained how the new server would offer a much different experience than the original: “The payouts for all [criminal activities] will be way higher, and the fines are gonna be way less.” Most importantly, he confirmed that “I’m not gonna get banned on [this server].”

Obviously, this sounds like a dream come true for xQc and his criminal mastermind GTA persona, but he also revealed that the new server was already a massive success for the NoPixel devs as well: “It literally is a sellout server.”

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While literally no one expected xQc’s return to NoPixel, the situation seems to offer the best of both worlds for everyone involved. Fans can enjoy his shenanigans again, the NoPixel devs will benefit from the exposure, and he can focus on unleashing his true criminal personality without facing (too many) repercussions.

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