xQc confused by Overwatch 2 early pro gameplay: “It’s the same game”

xQc and Winston with Overwatch 2 logoBlizzard/Twitch: xQc

The hype around Overwatch 2 continues to grow, with fans of Overwatch patiently waiting over the last few years for a sequel. Former pro and now Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel took a look at a match played between pros, though, and wasn’t impressed by the new game.

The first Overwatch 2 preview came at the Overwatch League 2021 grand finals on September 25, giving fans their first real taste of what to expect.

Then, a few days after, a select group of pro players got to take part in a playtest, and show off how the game plays among the very best.

While opinions were many and varied, many xQc fans — especially those who have followed him since his OWL days on Dallas Fuel — wanted to hear his thoughts on the pro gameplay.

Lucio in Overwatch 2Activision Blizzard
Overwatch 2 is highly anticipated within the community.

While watching the match unfold, xQc was visibly confused by what he was seeing, not quite the excitable character you might imagine when a new game is coming out.

After watching some of the abilities in play, with both players and commentators trying to showcase the best version of the new game, xQc was just squinting at the screen, looking both confused and unimpressed.

Finally, he simply turned to his stream and said “it’s the same game.” After saying that he “doesn’t know how he feels about this,” xQc then minimized the video and noticed how many dislikes it had, and was stunned, before quickly flicking through the comments to see what people were saying.

Evidently, xQc wasn’t the only viewer to watch the video and not be particularly impressed, with one comment even saying that it could have simply been an update to Overwatch, rather than a whole new game.

Needless to say, based on that reaction, we shouldn’t expect xQc to make his Overwatch League return any time soon.