xQc pokes fun at “nervous” Sykkuno for ‘snitching’ on him in GTA RP

xqc-sykkuno-gta-rp-nervousTwitch: xQc / Sykkuno

After meeting Sykkuno in person for the first time, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel poked fun at him for feeling “nervous,” claiming it’s because he regularly ‘snitches’ on him to enemies on GTA RP.

xQc and Sykkuno have been good friends ever since they pulled off the insane GTA RP NoPixel Rainbow Road bank heist together.

However, even though Sykkuno said he isn’t ‘intimidated’ by xQc like other streamers, including Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter, he admitted he was nervous after meeting him in real life for the first time.

This prompted Adept to ask why. But before he could respond, xQc chimed in with some banter and claimed it’s because he’s a ‘snitch’ on GTA RP.

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“Why are you so nervous?” laughed xQc. “I know why he’s nervous. It’s quite simple why he’s nervous. It’s because he knows that he’s been giving all our hard work for information to the opponents in [GTA RP].

“He’s been deterring our progress to help the enemies, and he’s been getting a lot of hate for it, and he should, because that’s f**ked up!”xQc made it clear he was “just kidding.”

xQc didn’t refer to any specific instances of ‘snitching.’ He was referring to the fact that Sykkuno’s character is friends with almost everyone on the GTA RP No Pixel server, including some xQc is at odds with.

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All jokes aside, fans were thrilled to see the dynamic duo finally meet in person for the first time. It was a wholesome moment for them, too, especially after Sykkuno admitted it was something he was “excited” about.