Valkyrae explains how Sykkuno helped her feel safe playing with xQc

valkyrae-sykkuno-safe-intimidating-xqcTwitch: xQc / Sykkuno / YouTube: Valkyrae

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter admitted that she found Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel “intimidating” to play games with at first but explained how Sykkuno acted as a “barrier” that made her feel safe.

After gifting $5,000 worth of Twitch subs to support Miyoung ‘Kkatamina’ Kim’s subathon, Rae appeared alongside her on stream.

xQc’s name came up in a conversation they were having with some mutual friends. One of them revealed that Rae once admitted to being “scared” of playing games with xQc.

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Rae clarified it by adding that he’s “nice” but “intimidating” and explained how Sykkuno has helped make the process easier.

Valkyrae stares off in worry during YouTube stream.YouTube: Valkyrae
Valkyrae admitted that she was once “scared” of playing games with xQc.

A friend kicked off the conversation by admitting that the thought of having a conversation with xQc “shared the sh*t out of him.” He claimed it was a combination of having social anxiety and not knowing what to say.

A second friend who was off-camera added to that, claiming that she “begged” Rae to accompany her in a Mario Party lobby with xQc. Rae admitted to being ‘“scared” of him at the time, too, which surprised the friend.

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Rae took the reigns of the conversation and clarified her comments. “He is nice. I mean, he is really nice,” she said. “He’s just intimidating.” However, they all agreed that he’s not that intimidating once you get to know him.

Rae also explained how Sykkuno makes playing games with xQc easier. “It also helps when Sykkuno is there because Sykkuno just has this barrier where it’s like you feel safe in there. He’s the connector to everybody.”

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Sykkuno is good friends with both Rae and xQc. He even hilariously trolled the juicer warlord without batting an eye.

However, it might be a while before Rae feels comfortable enough around xQc to do that – at least when Sykkuno isn’t around.

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