xQc hits back at GTA RP streamer’s alleged excuses after hate raid accusations

Jeremy Gan
xQc in a livestream

xQc has hit back at a GTA RP streamer for alleged excuses after he was accused of orchestrating a hate raid stemming from his reaction to their volatile rant. 

On January 14, GTA RP streamer Viviana was permanently banned from NoPixel due to a racist rant directed at a viewer on Twitch. She was subsequently banned from Twitch because of it. 

The controversial figure would eventually be unbanned, and made a return to streaming with an apology on February 16. However, her racist outburst received a lot of attention when xQc reacted to the original clip before she resurfaced.

Now, in a recent clip weeks removed from the drama, Viviana started a stream in tears claiming that xQc sent a hate mob to her channel because of his reaction. She claimed she does not have a platform to defend herself from his audience, and she would’ve been “doing good” if she had the same viewership as xQc. 

Getting on his radar once again, xQc did not take too kindly to her latest comments, namely hitting back at accusations he sent a hate raid her way. He retorted in a March 12 livestream, “if you are on the internet, and you are speaking publicly, you have a platform. And you should be held to the same standards as somebody with a bigger platform.”

“Just because you have less viewers doesn’t mean you can do dumber s***. Just because your impact is ‘less negative,’ or it doesn’t reach that many people, doesn’t mean you can do more hateful and dumber s***.” he continued. 

He also reminded his chat that just because someone did something wrong, does not mean it’s alright to retort with equally hateful words.