xQc warns “content purists” are killing Twitch by gatekeeping what stars stream

xQc loads up his Twitch stream.Twitch: xQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has issued a warning for Twitch amidst the ongoing TV show meta drama ⁠— pockets of “content purists” who tell stars what they should and shouldn’t stream are slowly but surely killing the website.

Twitch’s reigning king has warned bowing down to “content purists” ⁠and fans who believe there’s only one way to stream will eventually kill the popular website.

xQc has become a leading poster boy for Twitch’s controversial TV meta, with the star often streaming hours of Master Chef and animes like Hunter x Hunter to more than 70k viewers. His broadcasts have put him right in the firing line of angry fans who believe he should be stopped.

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Lengyel, on the other hand, disagrees strongly.

According to xQc, streamers should be able to air what they want on their channels and shouldn’t bow down to “content purists” gatekeeping the website.

xQc inside Masterchef studioYouTube: Masterchef / Twitch: xQc
The French-Canadian star has found himself at the heart of Twitch’s TV show meta.

xQc turned the jets back onto his Twitch dissidents in a January 11 stream, claiming not only are these “content purists” wrong to tell streamers what is okay and what isn’t, but that their efforts will eventually kill the website entirely.

“I warned you,” he said, “content purists, trying to control everything.”

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“What did I say, a year ago, two years ago. These people label content as ‘Not the way it should be,’ and think they have a right to say what is good content. Like a bunch of b*tches. Weirdos. Content purists. It’s still content. We’re still streaming content here that people want to watch. Who gives a sh*t!”

“What I stream is something people want. If people want to watch it, they’ll watch. That’s it! How is it bad if it’s something people want, and people are getting?”

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Lengyel pointed to his immense Twitch following, and how many concurrent viewers he rakes in every stream, and claimed he “must be doing something right.”

In the past twelve months, the 26-year-old star certainly seems to have found the perfect Twitch recipe too. He’s soared straight to the top on the site, just hit 9.8m followers on the purple-branded platform, and is within touching distance of 100k subs in the very first month of the year.

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“It’s about doing it all,” he said. “It really is. Streaming, popularity, it’s about a bit of reacts here, bit of gaming there, a bit of IRL streaming there. Some new content thrown in. Twitch is about volume. You can do it all, really.

“You want an example?” the popular French-Canadian streamer said. “Look no further then right here ⁠— me! I can do it all. Why are people saying it’s wrong?”

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