xQc banned AGAIN from NoPixel! Twitch star reveals reasons for fourth GTA RP ban

Julian Young
xQc GTA RP NoPixel 4th Ban With LogoTwitch: xQcOW / Rockstar Games

Powerhouse Twitch streamer xQc has been banned from the popular NoPixel GTA RP server for the fourth time. He will not appeal the most recent ban, and there is speculation on whether he will be allowed to return to NoPixel in the future.

On April 18, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was hit with yet another ban from the NoPixel GTA RP server. This marks his fourth time being forcibly removed from the popular roleplaying server, and comes less than a week after returning from his third exile.

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Lengyel has received bans for numerous reasons in the past, most involving altercations with other players RP’ing as the server’s police force. These offenses included the use of unauthorized glitches and encouraging his viewers to chat hop into other streams and harass fellow NoPixel players.

Why is xQc banned from NoPixel again?

The streamer’s latest ban from NoPixel once again involves the server’s police force. However, the issues in question are not limited to law enforcement, and the reasons for his ban also include other violations of the server’s rules.

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After hopping on Twitch to discuss the events with his community, xQc revealed he had been banned for talking about another player’s ban while being arrested, dropping a gun while he was already dead, and abusing vehicle scuff (apparent violations of the server’s established rules).

His first ban also involved violations of NoPixel’s rules surrounding the use of vehicles, so this is far from the first time he’s faced repercussions for this sort of behavior. In addition, any missteps involving the server’s police are sure to incur a hefty penalty, due to his previous run-ins with the law.

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How long is xQc’s NoPixel ban this time?

In addition to confirming the three reasons for his latest ban, xQc also revealed he’s been removed from the server for a 30-day period. This is the longest ban he’s faced thus far, but his NoPixel troubles do not stop there.

It also appears that xQc might not return to the server, even after his ban expires. This could be a personal decision on his part to simply stop participating in the server’s RP, which is what seems to be the case.

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Lengyel also confirmed he would not be appealing the ban this time around. While disappointed in the situation, he did seem to be in relatively good spirits and shared with his Twitch chat that he feels good about the latest ban: “I feel good because I made my case that there’s something [a bias] against me, so I’m happy about it,”

Despite his high spirits, it’s quite possible fans might never see him return to NoPixel. We will make sure to keep you updated on any further developments.

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