Valkyrae confirms she’s joining Sykkuno in NoPixel GTA RP server soon

Valkyrae side by side with Sykkuno100 Thieves/Twitch: Sykkuno

Streaming star Rachel ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter confirmed she’s joining Sykkuno in NoPixel’s GTA RP server soon as fans have been clamoring for them to get involved, though she is a bit apprehensive. 

Since NoPixel dropped it’s 3.0 server, Grand Theft Auto RP has been booming again on Twitch, with a number of big streamers getting involved.

Summit1g’s Charles Johnson character is back, HasanAbi joined the party with Don Pecorino, and xQc found himself in the middle of drama – ultimately getting banned. 

Even though he said, at first, that he wouldn’t be getting involved, Sykkuno joined the NoPixel server too. As such, fans want to see his Among Us teammates join the party too, and Valkyrae has confirmed she’ll be making the move.

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GTA RPRockstar Games
NoPixel players all have their own custom character in the world that they play and voice.

During their March 7 stream, Rae was complimenting Sykkuno’s GTA RP skills – while poking fun at some of his highlights, like failing while trying to steal from a house and going wild with random punches.

“It was fun, you should play,” Sykkuno said, with Rae responding pretty quickly. “I’m for sure playing, Friday,” said the 100 Thieves star.

“I figured I would try it Friday. I was inspired by Sykkuno,” Rae added, noting that she’s “scared” of roleplaying but she’s going to give it her best shot.

Sykkuno was already scheming up plans for them to rob a bank and kickstart a criminal empire, saying he’ll teach any of his Among Us teammates his criminal ways – if they choose to join him, that is.

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As Rae noted, she’ll be joining the NoPixel server on Friday, March 12, and it’s sure to be entertaining, one way or another.

The server is full to the brim with experienced GTA RP’ers, so there is always someone to hold your hand at first – if you need them to do so. If it’s anything like the OfflineTV rust server, it could be a pretty fun time for the Among Us crew.