Sykkuno explains why he’s not playing GTA RP on NoPixel

Sykkuno and a GTA v police officialTwitch: Sykkuno/Rockstar Games

Streaming star Sykkuno has explained why he’s not getting involved with GTA RP and the NoPixel server despite fans wanting to see him get on there.

The phenomenon that is GTA RP has, once again, taken over Twitch and social media as streamers have been diving in and having fun on different servers.

The biggest of which, and where the biggest names play, is NoPixel. Major Twitch streamers like Summit1G, HasanAbi, xQc, and Sodapoppin have been playing different characters on there – though, Soda has taken a step back.

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Fan of Sykunno want him to get involved as well, and have been asking the OfflineTV member to jump in – especially after the hilarity that his Rust RP brought them. However, he’s not going to be doing so, at least anytime soon.

GTA RP NoPixel serverRockstar Games
‘NoPixel is GTA RP’s premier roleplay server.

During his February 24 stream, the Twitch star was once again asked if he was going to be getting involved in NoPixel, but he killed that idea off by finally giving a response.

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“Is it too late? I feel like its just too late to join GTA and I’ve been busy,” Sykkuno said. “Realistically guys, most of my friends aren’t playing GTA like Rae isn’t playing, Corpse isn’t playing, Toast isn’t playing. Almost nobody I know is playing.

“And I know it’s a roleplay game, you don’t have to wait for all your friends to play but let’s be honest guys, I just love playing with my friends. And, if they ask me to play Valorant, there’s a pretty high chance I’m playing Valorant.”

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Sykkuno added that the most fun doesn’t come from the game you play, it’s just playing with friends. “It’s the people that make the game fun, at least for me anyway,” he noted. 

There’s no doubt that the RPers on the GTA server would welcome the streamer if he wanted to play, but it looks as if he’ll be passing on it unless his pals get involved and that seems unlikely.

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