Trainwrecks calls GTA RP players “miserable losers” after NoPixel ban

trainwreckstv streaming on TwitchTwitch: trainwreckstv

Following a permanent ban from NoPixel’s GTA RP server, popular Twitch streamer Tyler ‘TrainwrecksTV’ Niknam slammed the role-playing community, calling many active players “miserable losers.”

With the resurgence of GTA RP has come a subsequent rise in Twitch drama. From Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel upsetting just about everyone through his multiple bans, to other big names like GreekGodx being removed, 2021 has been full of controversy on the NoPixel server.

Trainwrecks now joins the ever-growing list of banned personalities. Despite being in the midst of a break from Twitch, he outlined in chat that he was “permabanned” from the server on March 10.

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Hours later and the 30-year-old lashed out on social media. A lengthy TwitLonger ridiculed NoPixel’s community in light of his permanent ban.

“I know there are many unsuccessful, miserable losers that gather on forums to comment on each other’s posts,” he addressed. This group supposedly band together to “rationalize the fear & insecurity [his] very existence instills within them.”

“I know it looks bad, but for a moment i ask you to give me the benefit of the doubt and look at it through an [unbiased] perspective. You will see this was just an attempt to protect the monopolization of power in the game for select streamers.”

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While the exact cause of his ban wasn’t made clear, it appears Trainwrecks was under fire for ‘meta gaming’. This label is given to any form of play that fails to abide by the strict role-playing rules of a given server.

“They permabanned me with no warning or no investigation,” he soon followed up. “I’m just their scapegoat to appease their Reddit community.”

Despite xQc having his first NoPixel ban overturned, a permanent ban for Trainwrecks means he’ll likely never return.

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In the meantime, the popular Twitch streamer outlined plans to join SSB World, another popular GTA RP server. So expect to see future streams sticking with GTA for the time being.

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