Rockstar insider reveals new GTA 6 & GTA Online 2 details following mammoth leak

lucia in GTA 6Rockstar Games/Twitter/Twitter/Casanova

A notable Rockstar Games insider has shared some big news about GTA 6 and its Online mode as fans continue to await the game’s official reveal.

GTA 6 is already one of the most anticipated games ever and while Rockstar has said the game is in development, they’ve yet to unveil it officially just yet.

Last year, a huge hack resulted in numerous videos of the still-in-development game being leaked to the public, showcasing a return to Vice City and plenty of gameplay pieces that set the community into a frenzy.

Now, Tez2, a reliable and accurate Rockstar insider has unveiled some big information about GTA 6 and its online mode.

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GTA 6 and GTA Online 2 info leaked

According to Tez2, the leaked footage included some text that indicated that lobbies in GTA Online 2 will consist of 30 players.

“The leaked footage showed testing clips of the multiplayer with the max players displayed. Plus, we know from Spider-Vice findings that the game will use similar services of Red Dead Online,” he said.

gta online 2 details leakedGTA Forums
Insider Tez2 shared some big info about GTA Online 2.

The insider went on to reference specific videos that had been leaked and how the lobbies would function.

“Where it says ‘PL: 2/32’ that’s 2 players within a 32 lobby. It’s actually a 30-player lobby, but with two slots for spectators the same as GTAO & RDO,” he explained on GTAForums. “That video clip is from May 2022. So that’s last year and structural changes like increasing the max players limit needs to be done much earlier.”

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So, it seems like GTA 6’s Online component will have 30 players, but that’s not everything that Tez had to say about the upcoming game.

In another comment, the insider discussed sales of PS5 and Xbox Series consoles, commenting how now with more people owning them, Rockstar would finally show its hand.

gta 6 reveal detailsGTA Forums
Rockstar could finally be getting ready to reveal GTA 6.

“This is the year we should expect Rockstar to start revealing more info about the next GTA or maybe even start the marketing campaign,” the leaker remarked.

We’ll have to see what the future holds, but for fans expecting some big news for GTA 6, here’s hoping that 2023 is the year that we finally get some official news and even that rumored announcement trailer.

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