Summit1g hopes xQc gets unbanned from NoPixel GTA RP server, on one condition

Connor Bennett
Summit1g and xQc's GTA rp character
Twitch: Summit1G/xQc

Twitch star Jaryd ‘Summit1G’ Lazar believes Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel could be unbanned from NoPixel’s GTA RP server, as long as he sticks to playing his cop character for a while.

After toeing the line quite a few times, xQc has once again found himself banned from NoPixel’s GTA RP server.

The ban is his fifth suspension from the roleplaying server, and while plenty of viewers and some roleplayers are happy he’s gone, not everyone is.

Some fans want him to make a return, even though the ban is labeled as a permanent one. Summit1G also hopes he can come back, but it’d have to be on one condition – he’d have to not play his criminal character, Jean Paul.

xQc's GTA RP character Jean Paul
Twitch: xQc
xQc’s character, commonly referred to as just ‘X’, is always in trouble.

Instead, Summit would like to see xQc return and work on his cop cadet character, Pierre Paul, where he was having a bit of success and his interactions were less drama-filled.

“I feel for him, man. I saw that he could change, it was just going to take him a little bit longer. It’s f**king hard for him to bite the bullet on L’s dude, and coming from one of the sorest losers in existence, I can feel that,” Summit said after he was asked about the ban. “But, at the end of the day, the server integrity, and you can only stand on so many toes before something has to be said or done or something.

“I do hope that he’ll be able to get another shot in the future, that he’ll figure it out. I think he should just focus on his cop character dude. Leave the X guy to chill out, like MOONMOON. Let your crim chill for a while, don’t focus on both.”

Summit added that there were plenty of NoPixel players rooting for him, and wanting him to succeed, but it didn’t happen.

Some rumors following the ban suggested that xQc’s criminal character had been deleted altogether, so he wouldn’t be able to return to where he was, even if he got unbanned.

The Canadian has apologized for what he did on the server, and even asked if he could just be a cop full-time like Summit said. While he’s bans overturned before, it remains to be seen if that’ll happen this time.