Rockstar Games manager fuels GTA 6 Vice City rumors after cryptic Instagram post

Rockstar Games

A manager at Rockstar Games is fueling more speculation around GTA 6 seeing a return to Vice City in wake of a cryptic Instagram post tagging his company.

GTA 6 has not been formally announced by Rockstar, but that hasn’t stopped speculation from running wild for the past few years.

With a lot of leaks and rumors pointing to Vice City being the primary location in the next entry to the Grand Theft Auto series, fans have been keeping their eyes open for teases from Rockstar staff, and believe they may have found something on Instagram.

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An Instagram post from Soundtrack Manager and Music Supervisor Tony Mesones showed a picture of what appeared to be Miami on his story, along with the pink caption, “Who said it would be cold??”

A screenshot of the story appeared on Reddit and speculation began running amuck, especially because Rockstar Games was tagged in the photo.

It should be noted that it’s not clear exactly when the photo was taken or the screenshot was made, as the story has since vanished, but that didn’t stop some players from sensing this was another GTA hint.

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“Why did they @ Rockstar Games? Is there an event going on related to them?” one user wondered. “If you’re on a vacation, why tag your employer? Unless they covered it, of course.”

gta 6 rumorsRockstar Games
Fans are craving GTA 6 news.

The idea that this was just a simple vacation photo and people were reading too much into it came up many times, but still, to tag your company on vacation seemed odd – something others kept mentioning.

“Yea, I would not be tagging my work place during my vacations lol,” another Redditor responded while others felt that this may not be related to GTA 6 at all, but rather another hint at a possible Remaster that had been rumored.

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“What’s so special is that he tagged his employer. If it would purely be a private trip, he wouldn’t have done that. HOWEVER, this might just be correlated with the remaster of Vice City,” a player pointed out.

Of course, take all of this with a grain of salt, but it’s yet another element to factor in when discussing GTA 6 and it’s possible setting.

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