Popular GTA V mods reportedly removed as GTA VI Vice City rumors mount

YouTube: DubStepZz/Rockstar

A couple of GTA V map mods for Vice City Remastered and San Andreas were reportedly removed from popular site ‘GTA5-mods,’ reigniting speculation around GTA VI’s location.

There’s been plenty of talk about GTA VI lately with recent developments suggesting the long-awaited title is looking at a 2025 release. But that leaves eager fans with plenty of time to speculate on every aspect of the game before any real information is officially released.

As such, the rumor mill has been churning out mounting speculation of GTA VI ushering in a return to Vice City, in a big way.

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While not everyone’s sold on the prospect, any development that would stand to support the Vice City theory is sure to set online forums ablaze.

That’s happening now, to an extent, after gaming insider Tez2 came to understand two popular GTA V mods for Vice City and San Andreas were removed from the online catalogue.

“A friend notified me of this, the two most popular map mods for GTAV, Vice City Remastered & San Andreas, were taken down from gta5-mods.com. Both mods were up for years, so weird moves to happen now,” Tez2 said.

The reason for the suspected removals is still unclear, but there’s people who are already wondering if the reported omissions will point to a larger move.

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While there are those holding onto shreds of hope that GTA VI will be in Vice City, the timing of the purported removals is interesting.

GTA: Vice City Remastered?

There’s hope that Vice City will return, either in GTA VI or it’s own remaster.

Aside from GTA VI, there are some who are leaning more to the possibility that the supposed removals could signal incoming remakes of acclaimed entries.

With GTA VI rumored to come in 2025, some are hoping that Rockstar would fill the void in between with an official San Andreas or Vice City remake. The devs are currently prepping for the GTA Online Summer Update, so they’re definitely not slowing down in terms of game development.

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We’ll have to see if there’s room for remasters before GTA VI or not, so stick with Dexerto’s dedicated hub and @GTA_Intel to stay on top of all the latest info.