GTA 6 map leak resurfaces but it’s not totally real

Connor Bennett
GTA 6 leaked map

A part of the GTA 6 map found in the massive leaks has resurfaced, however, parts of it aren’t real despite claims otherwise.

Back in September of 2022, Rockstar Games suffered a massive leak that gave the world the first glimpses of GTA 6. Around 90 videos hit the internet for a brief period before they were ultimately struck down by Rockstar and Take-Two. 

Those clips were from the game’s early development stage, and fans got their first look at the two main characters, some of the new features that missions will have, and the setting for the game. 

Even though Rockstar hasn’t yet confirmed it, that setting is set to be Vice City and an expanded part of the Florida-inspired backdrop. Parts of the map have surfaced online as well, but not everything is above board. 

GTA 6 map leak resurfaces but it’s not all real

We’ve seen multiple hoaxes of players using different games and generated locations claiming to be from GTA 6, but there is a new one that’s been popping up across social media. 

If you haven’t seen it, well, it’s a part of the map zoomed in and appears to be a coastline. On the left side of the image – or in some cases, images – you can see the water and docks. This part, which is covered in lines, is real and was shown in those leaks from September. 

What isn’t totally real is the right side of the photo, where the lines become a little less hectic and spread out. This is likely an AI-generated part of a hoax, but it certainly isn’t from the original leak

These pictures have been shared around social media in numerous different ways, with some trying to claim they’ve taken a quick snap of a dev’s computer in the Rockstar offices. It just isn’t true. 

The fact that they haven’t been struck down by Rockstar or Take-Two is a bit of a giveaway, given they’ve gone after anyone still uploading actual leaks. So, be wary of that the next time you see someone claiming to have the scoop on GTA 6.

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