Will GTA 6 be in Vice City? Possible map locations based on rumors of weather & live events

GTA 5 modded ferrari with player driving around Vice CityRockstar Games

New rumors about GTA 6 suggest that the map will get seasonal updates a la Fortnite and Warzone, prompting some speculation that it might not actually be Vice City that we’re headed to. So, here are some other possible locations.

Even though Rockstar Games still haven’t confirmed that GTA 6 is in the works and coming at some point, longstanding rumors and leaks have got everything pointing towards Vice City.

The Miami-inspired backdrop hasn’t been used in a GTA game since the 2002 and 2006 releases that bear its name, and fans have been begging for a return.

Since Vice City first appeared, we’ve traveled to Los Santos twice in San Andreas and GTA 5, while also having a stop in Liberty City for GTA IV. While a return to Vice City appears to be on the cards, some fans aren’t entirely sold.

Rockstar Games
GTA VI leaks have long claimed fans will soon be heading back to Vice City.

Will GTA 6 be in Vice City?

Why? Well, new rumors from gaming insider Tom ‘LongSensation’ Henderson have claimed that GTA 6 will have Fortnite-like seasonal map updates with new DLC.

Some have taken the seasonal updates to mean that as the season changes from Winter to Spring to Summer and then to Autumn, the city will take a different shape. A previously uncovered patent hints at this too.

While some fans have started ruling out Vice City based on that, that shouldn’t be the case. Florida is incredibly moody with the weather, and it’s not a shock to have one day of blistering heat and then another of torrential rain in the Spring.

Other possible GTA 6 map locations

If it’s not to be Vice City, then, where could we be headed that fits this seasonal changing theory?

The obvious answer for some is New York, better known as Liberty City in the GTA universe. It covers every weather type and we’ve seen other franchises like Mafia take the New York setting and give it rain, snow, sunshine, and storms. Same can also be said for Chicago, which was one of the cities mentioned as a possible location in early GTA 6 leaks. Though that would have been a throwback rather than the modern setting.

There’s also the possibility of London or somewhere else in Europe. Again, it fits in the GTA universe given that London was home to the original GTA series and there has been speculation about London being used in GTA 6. Same can be said for Rockstar’s home in Scotland. However, nobody knows.

Some concepts have been drawn up for a London map in GTA 6.

Long-standing rumors have also suggested that South America would be used in some way – with Bogota, Colombia being mentioned repeatedly, as well as remote islands.

Some theories have suggested that wires have gotten crossed especially with the remote island rumors, given that was used in Red Dead Redemption 2 and more recently in the Cayo Perico heist for GTA Online.

GTA 6 mapGTAForums
Remote islands in South America have been ‘leaked’ for GTA 6, but nobody is sure if they’re real.

Ultimately, nobody knows where the game is going to be set until either Rockstar Games or their publishers Take-Two confirm details about it.

All signs might point to Vice City, but that’s because that’s the location that fans have locked in on. Rockstar might have something entire different lined up, we’ll just have to wait and see.