Rockstar’s sneaky website update has GTA 6 fans predicting imminent release date reveal

Michael Gwilliam
gta 6 jason and lucia

Rockstar Games could finally be ready to unveil more of GTA 6 months after dropping the first trailer in December 2023, with now deleted changes to their website teases more is on the way soon.

Ever since Rockstar officially confirmed the franchise would be returning to Vice City with the record-breaking GTA 6 trailer, fans have been eager to hear more about the game and new features planned for it.

For the past few months, Rockstar has gone quiet. However, the company has made some development updates behind the scenes such as having employees return to the office for productivity and security reasons.

Now, we might be getting more details about GTA 6 as players and fans spotted a series of changes on the Rockstar website pointing to an imminent update.

Eagle-eyed fans were quick to nap proof of the changes, sharing them across social media.

The GTA 6 Countdown X account shared a photo of the previously updated website, wherein the devs updated the GTA 6 section to include placeholders for 4 screenshots, cover art, platforms, and even the release date.

Others noted that Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two Interactive, has its quarterly earnings call scheduled for May 16, so news about GTA 6 could go live around that time.

One GTA fan commenting on X, “Even if Rockstar doesn’t make an announcement, Take-Two will talk about the revenue they expect in the next fiscal year on May 16th which will give us an estimate on when the game launches.”

Of course, like all things Grand Theft Auto, take this with a grain of salt until we hear anything official, but this is by far the most excited the community has been ever since the announcement of the first trailer.