GTA Online players want iFruit phones to change in GTA 6

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After many years of relying on GTA Online’s iFruit phone, fans hope GTA 6 will feature an updated version of the smart device.

The Grand Theft Auto series has long outfitted its protagonists with mobile phones. No one can forget the overwhelming number of times GTA 4’s Nico Bellic received calls about bowling from his cousin, Roman.

Phone functionality increased tenfold with the advent of GTA 5, allowing players to surf the web, snap pictures, and more.

The iPhone-style iFruit served as just one of the devices used by the main cast of characters. It made its way into GTA Online, too, providing the interface for certain multiplayer features and Maze Bank accounting needs.

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GTA Online players want an iFruit phone upgrade

Reddit user Arctic317‘s post about wanting an upgraded in-game phone for GTA Online is resonating with players.

Thus far, the post has garnered more than 1,300 upvotes. Some fans commented their thoughts as well, with many making suggestions for quality of life features.

One Redditor said an update that allows players to “sort, remove, and favorite” in-game contacts would be nice. Another GTA Online user suggested a change that enables garage management, so vehicles can be moved from place to place without hassle.

Commenters in the Reddit thread also questioned why their multimillionaire GTA Online characters still use the nearly 10-year-old iFruit device. Others reasoned the phone constitutes little more than a burner phone for hiding criminal activities.

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Whatever the case, it should be interesting to see how Rockstar Games further expands upon the in-game phone feature in the next Grand Theft Auto entry.