GTA Online leak hints that more GTA 6 teases could be coming soon

gta 6 online mamba headerRockstar Games

GTA 6 fans have spotted what appears to be two more teasers for the series’ next installment within GTA Online’s code.

Fans of GTA 6 have been on red alert ever since Rockstar Games suffered the massive leak that showed off plenty of pre-reveal material for the series’ next installment.

As such, fans have been keeping a close eye on everything Rockstar has put out since, including updates for the ongoing GTA Online service.

Now, some eagle-eyed fans have spotted what appears to be GTA 6 teases found in two recent updates, which suggests that more in-game teasers for the much-anticipated sequel could be headed to GTA Online in the future.

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GTA 6 teasers appear in GTA Online

A post on Twitter highlighted some subtle updates added in two recent GTA Online patches that reference Vice City through the Metro Mule logo added to the game as well as a decal for the Vice City Mambas football team.

The Metro Mule logo was added as part of the GTA Online Arena War update back in 2018, which bore striking similarities to the same logo featured in the GTA 6 leaks.

The Vice City Mambas football team decal was added as part of the LS Tuners update as a decal for the Vectre.

While some might suggest these are simply fun references to past games, the Metro Mule logo paints a different picture, as the Metro Mule service did not exist when GTA Vice City was first released back in 2002.

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As such, the idea that Rockstar snuck in this previously unknown logo as a reference to Vice City doesn’t add up, suggesting it really was intended to be an Easter Egg. This is further supported by the Metro Mule logo showing up in the leaked GTA 6 footage.

To make things more interesting, these logos are still unreleased in GTA Online and were added to the game before 2022. The Metro Mule logo was added in 2018 while the Vice City Mambas decal came in 2021.

As such, who knows what other GTA 6 hints are already hidden within GTA Online that players simply haven’t spotted yet? Only time will tell, but it seems Rockstar games is certainly ready to use GTA Online as a playground for Easter Eggs as GTA 6’s reveal approaches.

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