GTA Online LS Tuners lag keeps ruining races and players want a fix

gta online los tuners updateRockstar Games

The Los Santos Tuners update brought car culture to the forefront of GTA Online but the lag in has been derailing one of the patch’s biggest draws: the races.

With their LS Tuners patch, Rockstar brought in more than a dozen new vehicles and a ton of opportunities to race with friends to see who has the fastest ride. Unfortunately, players have noticed that the servers have been struggling to keep up.

Lag can happen at any time and for many reasons, but the GTA community has been wanting the devs to look into the spike in occurrences since the latest content update.

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It’s led to a few moments where players like Reddit user ‘Ducky935’ are having some of the best personal laps when the game suddenly hits them with a laggy sequence.

Working with quite the lead, the player decided to cut through a back alley for a cheeky shortcut, when it looks like they might’ve clipped the dumpster by accident.

While that could’ve been a setback in and of itself, the lag moments later made sure the player was completely taken out of the race.

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To add insult to injury, it looks as if the dumpster glitched out of the way from the car right behind them as they moved past the overturned vehicle.

gta online los tuners updateRockstar Games
The Los Tuners update put the focus on car culture, but races have been hampered by lag.

It seems more players have had to contend with laggy races and GTA Online players are looking to the devs for some changes.

“Not even host connection matters much anymore,” another person said. “The random moments of lag have gotten worse and more prevalent across the board. Seems like functionality is last in R*’s to-do list.”

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Though there’s plenty to do since the LS Tuners update dropped, the GTA Online community think the game could use some support to fix the lag that’s been happening lately.

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