GTA Online has a God mode cheat problem and players are furious

Alan Bernal
Gta online mk 2 oppressor
Rockstar Games

GTA Online has an issue with people abusing a God mode cheat and players are voicing their frustrations at Rockstar to address their concerns.

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been online for eight years, and the game’s still growing in popularity with everything from RP servers to hectic lobbies where rules can wildly change.

But fans have been encountering more instances of disruptive players using cheats that ruin gameplay for everyone else.

This isn’t the first time people have called on the devs to do something about God mode hackers. Though Rockstar has tried to quell the problem before, people are finding cheaters cropping up again.

GTA Online God mode causes concern

Gta online mk 2 oppressor
Rockstar Games
GTA Online players have been finding griefers in their lobbies, and some are using the God mode cheat.

Once again, GTA Online players are asking for a bit more urgency from the developers to stop God mode cheaters on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

“The amount of people cheating on GTA Online on console is the worst I’ve ever seen it,” GTAO YouTuber ‘GhillieMaster’ said on Twitter. “It’s almost rare to not see someone abusing some form of God mode.

“There’s a reason the video I made about countering it got tons of views, people are sick of seeing that s**t.”

More people chimed, after finding a God mode hacker in their lobbies.

“It would seem that somehow the off-radar God mode glitch has evolved,” another user said. “To my knowledge, the off-radar God mode once had the major downside of not being able to drive vehicles or it would break it. But just now, I’ve encountered a permanently off-radar God mode player on an MK II.”

Some GTA Online’s notorious Oppressor Mk II griefers have apparently been exploiting a combination of cheats that is getting out of hand.

Rockstar are reportedly getting ready to drop a few upcoming projects, but players want to devs to take a closer look at GTA Online’s problems too.