Rockstar continue war on GTA Online hacks, shutting down popular cheats site

Connor Bennett
GTA Online character side-by-side with cheats menu

Rockstar Games and Take-Two are continuing their fight against cheaters in GTA 5 by taking down one of the most popular websites for hacks in GTA Online. 

Ever since GTA Online launched nearly a decade ago, players have looking for ways to gain an advantage and build up their criminal empire. 

Most players are on the up and up, grinding away or using Shark Cards to make cash, but there are plenty of cheats, too. Some are fun, temporarily changing the look of other players in the lobby into a ball, but others go a bit too far – be through using god mode or spawning unlimited cash. 

Rockstar have been cracking down on exploits over time, but the battle against cheats is always a difficult one – you take one cheat down, and a few more appear in their place. But now, the iconic developers are stepping up their wars on these hackers. 

GTA Online player with the up-n-atomizer pistol
There are plenty of exploits and cheats in GTA Online.

Just like game developers have done, instead of just focusing on banning the accounts of cheaters who get flagged by other players, Take-Two Interactive – the publishers for Rockstar’s games – have gone straight to the source.

They’ve managed to get LunaCheats, a popular site for GTA Online hacks, to shut down and no longer distribute cheats through their website. 

“After discussion with Take-Two Interactive, we are immediately ceasing all maintenance, development, and distribution of our cheat menu services,” the stripped-down website now reads. “We apologize for any and all problems our software has caused to the Grand Theft Auto Online community.”

Message from Luna Cheats about the strike from Take-Two
The Luna Cheats site has been replaced by an apology message.

Additionally, the website also states that they will be donating all their proceeds to a charity picked by Take-Two. 

Obviously, other sites are likely to continue operating in its place, but it shows that Rockstar and Take-Two are finally stepping up in the fight against GTA Online’s cheats. Whether or not they continue to take down sites remains to be seen, though.

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