Viral GTA Online TikTok reveals secret exit from Diamond Casino

Alec Mullins
Rockstar Games

Players are still finding hidden details in GTA Online eight years after the mode’s release. The most recent secret is centered around a little-known way to leave the Diamond Casino and Resort. 

There have been hundreds of secrets uncovered in GTA Online, and they range from strange — a downed UFO that sits in the bottom of the Los Santos ocean — to ultra-violent, like the minigun that waits for you if you successfully take over the Fort Zancudo Military Base. This new discovery isn’t quite as bizarre as either of those two but it does have a practical application.

It turns out that, just like in real life, taking pictures in a casino is frowned upon in GTA Online. If you attempt to take too many of them, you might find yourself getting into a little situation with the casino’s security team.

If you want to experience it for yourself, simply pull up to the Casino and prepare to embrace your inner photographer.

GTA Online Diamond Casino secret exit

GTA V Diamond Casino
Rockstar Games
Almost 7 years after it was first released, players are still finding new ways to do things in GTA Online.

After entering the Diamond Casino, you’ll need to take out your phone and start snapping some pictures. The number of images needed to activate this scene can vary but it will reliably happen after the fifth attempt.

Once the cutscene starts, you’ll see your character being hoisted in the air by two men in suits before getting tossed out onto your belly.

While this was first reported as a fun useless detail, players have already started to find better uses for it, like speedy transportation. One user commented: “I use this when I’m too deep in the Diamond and just wanna fast travel out.”

Another commenter suggested that the casino was ramping up security measures since the casino is such an easy robbery target: “They must have been tired of people breaking into the vault 7 times a day.”

Rockstar did a phenomenal job of packing in tiny little details like throughout GTA 5 and GTA Online, and we may only find more when the Expanded & Enhanced editions of the game arrive early next year.