GTA Online players want classic vehicles & crossovers as GTA 6 wait continues

Connor Bennett. Last updated: Oct 05, 2021
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As the torturous wait for GTA 6 continues, GTA Online players have been coming up with some ideas for content that Rockstar Games should consider adding to keep things fresh. 

GTA Online and GTA 5 have been around for nearly a decade at this point, and while many fans just want to get their hands on GTA 6, plenty of others continue to dive into Los Santos.

There is still plenty to explore on the mean, virtual streets of GTA 5, for both new and old players. New jobs are still being added every week, heists have different targets to secure, and there is always money to be made.

Though, some fans want more. If they’re going to have to wait a few more years for GTA 6, they want Rockstar to consider bringing more throwbacks and even adding crossovers to the mix.

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GTA V is coming to the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S next year

There are plenty of holdover vehicles from GTA’s past in GTA 5 and GTA Online like the Banshee, Feltzer, and Buccaneer, but fans want more.

One of the most requested additions is the Mr Whoopee/Mr Tasty ice cream truck that was a part of GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, and GTA 4. As Redditor Lord_Despairagus points out, it’s at the top of many players’ priority lists, especially as the GTA Trilogy is set to be released.

Additionally, some players want Rockstar to explore the crossover side of things. They already have the Shotaro and Akuma bikes, so why not try and get Kaneda’s bike from Akira or cars similar to Blade Runner. There’s even an idea for something similar to Batman’s tumbler and even Tesla’s Cybertruck.

Of course, while Rockstar have had added some whacky, futuristic vehicles to GTA Online, some players don’t want to go into Saints Row territory of being too over the top.

“UFO references and stuff were cool and all but a drivable UFO is over the top not fit for a game like GTA,” said one. “Enough with the futuristic s**t already,” added another.

Rockstar will, no doubt, continue to add GTA Online content, especially as the Expanded and Enhanced next-gen update releases, but who knows what they’ll bring to the table.