Rockstar ramping up anti-cheat to stop GTA Online hackers

GTA Online character with a shotgun outside a bankRockstar Games

Rockstar Games are continuing their war on cheats and hacks in GTA Online and Red Dead Online as a new job listing shows them searching for an Associate Cheat Operations Analyst.

The majority of players who jump into GTA Online or Red Dead Online abide by the rules and either grind away at different missions or use microtransactions to build up cash.

However, there are players who use cheats and hacks to get a leg up. Not all of these cheats are aimed at making money – some are legitimately funny, turning players into random shapes and objects. 

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Though, there are enough cheaters doing different things to the point where Rockstar Games have started shutting down cheat and hacks suppliers altogether. However, they’re not stopping there.

GTA Online player with the up-n-atomizer pistolRockstar Games
There are plenty of exploits and cheats in GTA Online.

According to a new job listing, spotted by Rockstar Games reporter VideoTech, the developers are stepping up their war on cheaters in both GTA Online and Red Dead Online.

The developers are in the market for an Associate Cheat Operations Analyst who will be tasked with identifying “cheaters and online mods” and then “taking appropriate action on that information.”

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Additionally, the new Rockstar team member will “Monitor and enforce anti-cheat policies, monitor and maintain intelligence related to cheating and fraud,” as well as “tune and support security/anti-cheat measures for the game client and supporting back-end services.”

As VideoTech notes, this would likely be a significant blow to paid cheaters, just like the sites that Rockstar have been shutting down in the last few weeks.

In terms of them being rooted out altogether, that’s a little bit more difficult. No game has truly banished cheaters, not even those like Valorant, which have a pretty hefty anti-cheat in place.

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If cheaters want to cheat, they’ll typically find a way to do so, but with Rockstar stepping up their game, it’ll make things a little harder moving forward.