What does GTA Online’s “this feature is not available now” Casino error mean?

Published: 2/Aug/2019 11:08 Updated: 2/Aug/2019 11:45

by Connor Bennett


GTA Online players have been left stumped by a new problem that is denying them the chance to win big money at the newly opened Diamond Casino.

After years of waiting, GTA V players were finally able to walk through the doors of the in-game casino after Rockstar launched the Diamond Casino and Resort on July 23.

Players have already set about creating chaos in the surrounding area, grabbing previously unclaimable vehicles, and even taking as many spins as they wish on the lucky spin wheel. However, some fans aren’t even able to do that. They might be able to fling open the doors of the casino, but they aren’t able to spend their hard-earned money on a night of slot machines and poker.

Rockstar GamesHaving an in-game Casino has been on top of some GTA Online players wishlist for many years.

Members of the GTA Online subreddit raised the issue on August 1, noting that they are greeted with a message that denies them from spending money in the casino.

Despite being able to earn the daily free chips, have a spin on the lucky wheel, and watch their friends plunge themselves into debt, some fans in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Sweden, and the Netherlands receive a “this feature is not available now. Please come back later,” in-game note.

Some countries are outright denied access to Casino features due to anti-gambling laws in their area, but those players are welcomed with a “This feature is not available to you,” message – which is different from the wider error.

“This feature is not available now. Please come back later.” – What we know from r/gtaonline

Of course, many fans have sought out help from Rockstar themselves, and the developers have been swarmed with requests for a fix, but have yet to issue a response.

“Numerous tickets have been submitted to R*, but as of my investigation, I haven’t seen any credible information of a response from them,” posted Redditor ohchimpanzeethat. “R* Support on Twitter is not responding to ANY of the questions posted.”

Players have resorted to their own attempts at fixing the issue – with the classic restarting of the game, joining a new multiplayer session, and even clearing their cache.

However, these have not fixed the problem and it has, instead, become a waiting game as some fans have noted that they’ve had to sit tight for up to a week before the issue resolved itself.

Tried and failed resolutions for GTA Online’s Casino error.

With a new content updated expected on Thursday, August 8, it remains to be seen if Rockstar has a patch to roll out that will solve the problem.

Until then, players will be left scratching their heads and wondering why they are unable to spend their in-game cash.


GTA Online player discovers Up-n-Atomizer trick you would never think of

Published: 1/Dec/2020 11:14

by David Purcell


The Up-n-Atomizer might not look like its from the same planet as other Grand Theft Auto weapons, but one GTA Online player has discovered a handy trick with it that the everyday person would find helpful. 

The world of GTA 5 is full with violence, fast cars and loud sounds. Even if you get a few members of the community who stick to the roads and stop at traffic lights for a laugh, generally they are in the minority and the rest is utter chaos.

A gun like the Up-n-Atomizer is capable of great things, terrible, but great. Its powerful blast can send cars, buses, tanks, and even planes flying in the opposite direction.

However, one player has shown a more delicate side to the gun. Apparently, this is actually the perfect tool to move cars between parking spaces.

GTA supercar
Rockstar Games
Moving cars isn’t difficult in GTA, but the Up-n-Atomizer definitely makes it more graceful. Well, if you use it right.

GTA Online trick for the Up-n-Atomizer

As seen in a clip posted to the GTA Online subreddit, user skelatorx7 proved that it’s not all about destruction with the weapon.

In fact, with just one small push, they were able to move their car perfectly from one place to another without doing a single scratch to it. Now, here it’s just one off the street and not many will care about that, but it would definitely be handy if it were your own insured vehicle.

As seen in the video, the player simply aimed in and fired low into the side of the car. Soon after, it flips perfectly into the next parking spot as if it was a natural way for it to happen.

Perfection from gtaonline

Not everybody in the comments quite understood how it worked, though. One said: “How did the shot go through the car?” while another posted: “Car flip? How?”

Other users have found more crazy ways of using the Atomizer, of course, including the use of it to shift buses in the middle of the road. After all, they can be annoying, cruising around slowly in front of your speedy vehicles.

You never know, maybe in the future your mechanic will be blasting your cars over to you like this, rather than riding them to your path. Never going to happen, but definitely a funny picture to paint.