GTA Online players tired as Rockstar still hasn’t fixed old bug costing them thousands

Connor Bennett
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GTA Online players are annoyed that Rockstar has yet to address a years-old bug that is costing them insane amounts of money in-game, and some are determined to see change. 

Even though Rockstar Games’ focus may be on GTA 6 and producing the “most important” release in gaming history, the Grand Theft Auto developers have continued working on GTA Online as well. 

The big GTA Online updates have slowed down just a tad, but the multiplayer side of GTA 5 did receive its first heist in quite some time recently with the arrival of the Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid. That heist may only pay out a small amount compared to the likes of Cayo Perico, but it can be done solo. 

If you’re going with the loud and brash method, you’ll need to stock up on ammunition when you’re heading into a heist. However, there are still issues in GTA Online with ammo disappearing, and it’s something players have wanted to be addressed for a while. 

The issue was flagged again recently by Redditor CardboardBoxStealth, who claimed that Rockstar is “still stealing our ammo” and it’s “starting to be expensive” when having to stock up on special Mk.II ammo. 

“Full ammo for the heavy sniper is like 20k alone. It always happens with the explosive shotgun, heavy sniper, and sticky bombs for me. It’s annoying logging off with x amount of ammo and logging back on with 0 or half of that,” one player agreed. “Just another money sink…sh*ts been a bug for years, if it hasn’t been fixed yet, it never will,” another added

“Ever since the salvage yard began, each time I log in or switch lobbies I have to pay somewhere between the range of $18-19K for ammo. Each week it’s a different amount between that range. I have religiously made sure I have full ammo when I finish playing for years. Rockstar has given me the runaround and has never provided a fix,” another commented. 

Some players have found workarounds to the issue, including filling up gun lockers with certain ammo types and only using the interaction menu to refill their stocks. 

Not everyone is going to be aware of those temporary fixes, though, and that’s why players are eager for an actual change.

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