GTA Online players blast “broken” update it is wilder than ever

Connor Bennett
Dax in GTA Online holding assault rifle and shouting

GTA Online players have claimed that recent updates have “broken” the game, as things have gotten wilder than ever with vehicles and NPCs. 

If you drop into a public session of GTA Online, things can be rather lawless. If it’s not players running around, griefing your jobs, and killing you at random, then you might have to deal with hackers and cheaters. 

However, sometimes problems arise from the updates that Rockstar pushes out every so often. We’ve seen that previously when the Criminal Enterprises update made things “unplayable” as cars just imploded at random or streets wouldn’t load. 

Similar problems have occurred following the Bottom Dollar Bounties update as NPCs and vehicles have gotten wilder than ever. 

As Redditor I_suck_a_lot showcased, they had an issue when, after landing their Deluxo and stepping into a target vehicle, their car was tossed up into the air and turned into a fully stocked FIB SUV. Those officers then gunned the player to death, ruining their mission. 

“I’ve seen a lot of bull crap in my 10 years of playing GTA, and I have never once witnessed anything like this,” one player said. “Something is really bugged out in that vehicle after the recent update. I finished a security contract in that and suddenly it blew up when I reached the destination,” another added. 

The issues are a little wider spread too, as other players complained about NPCs chasing them down and appearing at random. 

“Dude was running around the backyard on the roof by all the square roof hatches in my game yesterday. This game is broken,” one added

“Since the update, weird s*it has been happening!” another commented. “I encounter something new every session. They are usually amusing at least, except the psycho NPCs in cars. That sucks.

Rockstar has been pretty good at rolling out hotfixes to address some annoyances recently, but it remains to be seen if they’ll spring into action and fix those. Though, it is very obvious that needs to happen.