GTA Online: Game-breaking casino exploit gives free cash and supercars

David Purcell

Grand Theft Auto players welcomed the chance to make more cash in GTA Online when the Diamond Casino and Resort opened its doors, but it seems some players have found an exploit to land themselves big prizes and mega money already. 

The new gambling hub was added by Rockstar Games on July 23 and proved to be a big hit with the game’s online community, as people swap over their in-game cash for chips to play. 

There are a number of games to play inside the casino, too, including slot machines and betting on horse races, but the one feature that has caught the attention of many players is the huge Lucky Wheel that gives them an opportunity to land some major prizes in GTA. So much so that an exploit has been uncovered for it. 

Rockstar GamesNew GTA Online casino cheat is handing players more supercars and cash for free.

For those who aren’t aware, Rockstar will be placing up to 22 brand spanking new vehicles in their casino and all it takes to drive one home with you at the end of the night is a lucky spin of a wheel. Each player should only really have one spin of the Lucky Wheel each day, but there’s a new cheat that can allow multiple tries. 

The wheel includes other rewards, including cash prizes and character outfits, but there’s a new trick that developers might not be aware of that enhances the chance of picking up a big win every day. It might seem very easy, but it will presumably be a huge time-consumer by the same token. 

Those playing GTA Online on console have discovered that as soon as you’re made aware of the prize you have landed, if you quit out of the application and return to the casino in-game, you will be handed yet another spin on the Lucky Wheel. Clearly, this is something that shouldn’t be allowed. 

Some users on the GTA Online subreddit claimed to have had up to 30 consecutive spins in the casino with a post on July 25, and it appears that some got what they were looking for. 

“I got it after over 30 times,” one said, after taking home a brand new Truffade Thrax vehicle – which is valued at over $2 million. Another, who is still yet to win the supercar, suggested that they were on their 77th spin but were still yet to hit the jackpot. 

While more attempts are made available using the exploit, there’s no guarantee that rewards will be on the way any time soon. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be possible. 

Rockstar GamesGTA Online cheaters using this new exploit are landing themselves supercars for free.

Whether or not Rockstar are actively looking into this problem or not is unknown, but clearly it’s a strategy that undermines their intentions for the feature. 

It’s also worth noting that those who are using the exploit in-game could face consequences in the future and it’s not advisable to attempt it in the casino. 

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