GTA 6 leak reveals new player actions and return of popular RDR2 feature

gta 6 hints in red dead 2Rockstar Games

GTA 6 fans combing over every second of leaked footage have uncovered details about new player actions coming to the game’s single-player as well as its Online component.

The notorious GTA 6 leak gave players their first glimpse of the upcoming installment in Rockstar’s beloved series and there are many secrets fans are still uncovering by sitting through the footage.

A lot of the big new gameplay components have been discovered already, but a screen showcasing player actions has fans excited about what’s in store.

Plus, for fans of Red Dead Redemption 2, it seems like Rockstar is taking a welcome feature from its wild west series and implementing it into GTA 6.

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Leaked GTA 6 player options reveals new features

In a tweet, user ‘Staatskassen’ showed off a developer screen showing off a total of 15 player options.

While some are series staples by now such as crouching, going into cover and performing melee attacks, there are some nice additions.

For instance, the ability to go prone is something new to the GTA series. As is the ability to perform a melee grapple, something introduced in RDR2.

GTA 6 Online and RDR2-like features discovered

Speaking of Red Dead, it seems like GTA 6 will be introducing a cinematic mode option that will allow players to put their controller down and enjoy the scenery while traveling to a destination.

The feature was very well received in Red Dead and with GTA 6’s map looking like it’ll be completely massive, fans may want to turn it on while needing to commute across Vice City for missions.

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There are also options to ping or communicate with a “buddy.” The game will feature at least two playable protagonists, so being able to interact with them certainly makes sense.

To round things out, there seem to be some Online-exclusive actions including self-revives, killing one’s self while downed, and surrendering.

Of course, anything can change from now until the game’s eventual release, but if this is anything to go by, GTA 6 will be building off a lot of what made Red Dead Redemption 2 such a masterpiece.