GTA 6 leak potentially spills 'Project Americas' map details with release date hint - Dexerto

GTA 6 leak potentially spills ‘Project Americas’ map details with release date hint

Published: 2/Apr/2021 14:19

by Connor Bennett


An anonymous new GTA 6 ‘leak’ has potentially revealed some major details about the ‘Project Americas’ map, as well as hinting at the reveal coming sooner rather than later.

Grand Theft Auto 5 released almost a decade ago at this point, and while Rockstar Games have made GTA Online into a gaming phenomenon, fans are desperate for GTA 6.

They’ve scoured GTA 5’s map, missions, and side activities for any possible clues, while also questioning the iconic game devs at every possible chance.

Rockstar, for the most part, have stayed silent on things while Take-Two has said that they’ll only say something when Rockstar does. That hasn’t stopped ‘leaks’ from surfacing, making some wild claims about the next installment in the franchise.


GTA Online character with a car and house
Rockstar Games
There have been plenty of rumors about GTA 6, but nothing official yet.

The biggest of which revolves around Project Americas, which would see the new game be fronted by a female character and travel across numerous countries and cities during the main story.

An anonymous leak that surfaced on March 29 has potentially revealed more details about the new game, including the fact that it could have five different cities that you’d travel to throughout.

Additionally, the leak, which doesn’t have any evidence to support the claims, says that the Rockstar Newswire post for the GTA 6 is all wrapped up and could be coming sooner than some fans believe. Again though, there’s no proof to support the claims.


Gta VI 4chan post

We’ve seen plenty of these anonymous leaks in the past, and while some of them do read like a GTA fan’s wishlist for a new game, there are some that intertwine with previous leaks.

Some genuine Rockstar insiders have said that an announcement isn’t forthcoming anytime soon, and have suggested that the devs are focused on a remastered trilogy of GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas.

As ever, these anonymous leaks should be taken with a high degree of skepticism until Rockstar starts to drop official details. However, we don’t know when that’ll be.