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GTA RP player gets emotional after streamers gift him new gaming PC in real life

Published: 1/Apr/2021 23:31 Updated: 1/Apr/2021 23:49

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch streamer Biotoxz was in for the surprise of his life when fellow streamers Brit and Tony gifted him an amazing new gaming PC in GTA RP, but the machine was actually real.

On April 1 of all days, Biotoxz, who roleplays as the character Bjorn in GTA RP, drove to meet up with the fellow streamers in game with no idea what the two had planned.

After showing up at their location, he spotted Brit with her back turned to him holding some sort of heavy object.

“Surprise Bjorn, this is your new PC!” she exclaimed, turning around in the process.


“This is awesome,” he replied, still in character. At this point, he had no idea that the computer would be coming his way in real life.

“It’s not a joke,” Brit remarked. “This is your new PC from Cyberpower Intel Gaming! With a new eleven gen intel processor. You wanna take a look at it?”

This was all extremely random for Biotoxz, but the fact that Brit was reading out all the PC’s specs provided some proof that this was actually real.

Even some of the viewers were amazed at what was happening, commenting on how the streamers were breaking character (in a way) to read out the specifications.


“Wait, is this real?!” Biotoxz laughed. “What the f**k?”

Once Brit had finished reading out the details, she reiterated that this was not a joke, despite the fact it was April Fools day and the gift was given in a video game of all things.

“We swear on all of our lives!” she added. “We decided, you know, we love you Bjorn and we knew you had so many brain issues and we wanted to help you rise and shine. This is your new PC.”

“The real one is going to get sent to you,” Tony added.

All of this made the streamer extremely emotional, and you could even hear him crying tears of joy over the gift.


Over on Twitter, Brit posted a picture of the PC, confirming that this whole surprise was real. While many people ended up being fools in this holiday, it’s amazing that the two would do something special for their fellow streamer.