GTA 6 leak claims Niko Bellic and Michael De Santa returning for next game

Michael Gwilliam
Michael in GTA 6

A Grand Theft Auto 6 leaker is claiming that stars from previous GTA games will be making a return for the sixth installment in Rockstar’s open-world series.

Fans have been waiting for Rockstar to finally show off GTA 6 after confirming the game was “well underway” earlier this year.

Despite Rockstar going dark, there have been a handful of leaks that have surfaced – including what could very well be the first-ever screenshot of the game hidden within GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition.

Now, a leaker who has gotten information correct before such as Dr Dre’s involvement in GTA Online is teasing the return of Niko Bellic from GTA 4 and Michael De Santa from GTA 5 in GTA 6.

GTA 4 gameplay
GTA 6 will see Niko Bellic return according to a leaker.

Leaker claims Niko Bellic is returning in GTA 6

According to Redditor ‘GTA_VI_Leak,’ who has a history of accurate posts, Niko Bellic will have a role to play in GTA 6.

In a recent post, the leaker wrote, “Niko Bellic was never caught for his crimes. Stories of ‘The Serb’ are still told in Liberty City occasionally, plenty of news articles mention him, and there’s even a nostalgic documentary about him.”

Of course, Niko was referenced off-hand during GTA 5, seemingly connecting both games, but now it appears that he will have a role in the sixth game, too.

Michael on cell phone in GTA 6
Is Michael coming back for GTA 6?

“The actions of GTA IV cause gigantic power shifts in the criminal underworld and the weakening of almost every faction over the course of the game paves the way for the Von Crastenburg family to grow so quickly,” the leaker added.

Additionally, the insider claimed that Ned Luke, Michael De Santa’s actor, is working with Rockstar Games. This makes sense, considering there have been teases that the character will return in GTA Online, but the leaker says there is more to it.

“Most likely it’s in the form of a GTAO DLC, but it’s also very possible he could be producing a movie in Vice City. It could be both. We’ll have to wait and see,” they wrote.

As the year rolls on, hopefully we won’t have long to wait until GTA 6 is finally revealed and we can see Rockstar’s next project for ourselves. Whether Michael or Niko are in the trailer remain to be seen, but if the leaker’s information is accurate, GTA 6 could be a big treat for GTA 4 fans.

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