New GTA Online Easter Egg could point to Michael’s return in future DLC

Michael Gwilliam
gta michael standing in front of explosion

A new GTA Online Easter Egg has some fans suspecting that Michael De Santa could be making a return in a future update.

As GTA players anxiously await the arrival of GTA 6, Rockstar has continued to pump out content for GTA Online and the newest ‘Bottom Dollar Bounties’ update might be a sign of things to come.

On June 26, X user ‘GrandTheftLore’ made an interesting discovery in the mission ‘Most Wanted – Song’ in the form of a call sheet for a film in production.

The movie, by Richards Majestic Productions, is called ‘Sugar T*ts Goes Skiing’ and this seems to be a reference to something Trevor calls Michael during the game’s single-player story mode.

GrandTheftLore notes, “Michael De Santa, who is confirmed by Franklin to still work at Richards Majestic Productions during GTA Online: The Contract is called “Sugar Ti*s” by Trevor and Devin Weston in GTA V.”

The Contract DLC, which featured the long-awaited return of Franklin, was overwhelmingly praised by fans. Ever since, players have been hoping that the rest of the story trio will come back in some capacity.

In the comments, fellow players raised their eyebrows at this discovery, suggesting that there could be more to casting sheet.

“I mean… maybe it’s not a tease. But what if Micheal is actually coming back lol?” one wrote.

“Sounds like a teaser,” another chimed in.

“This is either a hint to a future Michael DLC, or just simply a callback to single player. Interesting nonetheless,” remarked someone else.

At this point, Rockstar has yet to announce a return for Michael, but the actor who plays him, Ned Luke, has agreed with fans that it should happen.

“Wouldn’t that be nice?” Luke replied to a fan who said the game “needs” a DLC about Michael.

Luke also hinted that Michael could appear in GTA 6 after Franklin’s actor, Shawn Fonteno, ruled out the possibility of his own character returning.