GTA 5 voice actor fuels rumors of major return in GTA Online Summer Update

michale running from explosion in gta onlineRockstar Games

As GTA Online continues to expand content-wise, the GTA V voice actor for Michael Townley has added fuel to rumors of his character’s big return in the online version’s Summer Update.

GTA Online continues to buck and change, with players finding new ways to play at every turn.

As the upcoming Summer Update draws close, speculation is rife in how the game is going to change, and what ‘expanded and enhanced’ content we’ll be able to look forward to.

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Now the GTA V voice actor for Michael Townely, Ned Luke, has been poking the bear with a series of cryptic clues on Twitter.

In response to a vg247 article hinting at his potential inclusion in the next big update, the veteran voice actor tweeted out a shrugging emoji.

With players pulling the game apart to find out what secrets are being kept from us, the response of the actor at all could be considered to point towards the DLC movie surrounding Michael that fans have been hoping for.

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The actor followed up the rampant speculation in the Twitter fire he started with a facepalm emoji, keeping his wordless additions to the rumour mill as tightly lipped as possible.

With unfounded claims of “Leaked footage of Michael De Santa” popping up in the comments surrounding Ned’s interaction, it’s clear that the fanbase has latched onto an idea they’re not going to let go.

It’s not unprecedented. Franklin has already received the GTA Online treatment in The Contract, there’s room for Rockstar to bring more beloved characters back into the fold in this manner.

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Some fans are taking this as a gospel announcement Twitter is filled with comments congratulating Ned on his return.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no confirmation either way on Michael’s inclusion, all that we know for sure is that Ned’s commentary has left us with more questions than answers.

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for any further developments.

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