GTA 5 Franklin actor deletes cryptic post amid GTA 6 return speculation

Michael Gwilliam
franklin clinton in gta 6Rockstar Games

GTA 5’s Shawn Fonteno is once again sparking speculation about Franklin’s possible return in GTA 6 following a cryptic social media post.

Rockstar Games is finally set to unveil the GTA 6 trailer after months of waiting, and despite leaks pointing to a new batch of protagonists in VI, rumors have begun to swirl about Franklin and Michael coming back.

In the lead-up to the trailer, Ned Luke (Michael) and Shawn Fonteno have begun teasing their involvement in the next Grand Theft Auto, joking outright about appearing in it before saying that players would need to solve the Mount Chiliad mystery to find out.

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With fans on the edge of their seats, it’s still unclear what the verdict is, but Fonteno may have let it slip that he’s seen the trailer ahead of time in a now-deleted post on Twitter/X.

Is GTA 5’s Franklin in GTA 6? Deleted post raises eyebrows

GTA 5’s Franklin has been an important part of GTA Online. With Shawn Fonteno reprising his role and on November 14, the actor may have hinted that something else was in the works.

“If I told y’all I might get in trouble,” he said.

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Shortly after, Ned Luke commented, telling Fonteno to “go play Modern Warfare” accompanied by hear, speak, and see no evil emojis.

This post led many users to suspect that he was able to view the trailer before it drops, and the speculation was only amplified when he ended up deleting the tweet.

“He definitely saw the GTA 6 trailer,” one user remarked.

“You was shown the trailer, wasn’t you?” another wrote.

Luckily, it won’t be much longer until we can put all this speculation to rest. The GTA VI trailer will debut in early December, but so far, we don’t know the exact date or time, so be sure to keep it locked to Dexerto for all the latest.

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