GTA 6 fans excited after Rockstar employees reveal development details

Michael Gwilliam
GTA 6 rockstar games update

Grand Theft Auto players anticipating the next installment in the franchise have uncovered the LinkedIn profiles of two Rockstar Games employees that reveal some new information about GTA 6.

The next GTA title was finally confirmed back in February with Rockstar Games stating that development was “well underway.” Despite the announcement, the game’s location, release, and even title have yet to be officially revealed.

This hasn’t stopped plenty of leaks from spreading, such as a return to Vice City, story details, and even the game’s first screenshot. However, nothing has been confirmed just yet.

Now, it seems like fans have discovered some legitimate new details about the game’s development after combing through the LinkedIn profiles of Rockstar employees.

GTA 6 trends
GTA 6 could be the most anticipated game ever.

New GTA 6 details leaked by Rockstar employees

The profiles of Rockstar employees Nathan Hunt and Ryan Schacter state that they are working on GTA 6 (also stylized as GTA VI), confirming the next title will indeed be numbered.

Hunt, a Senior Cinematics Camera Artist, says he is “responsible for cinematics cinematography and narrative design flow for immersive, seamless transitions from cinematics to in-game” along with creating “cinematic transitions for cutscenes and interactive scenarios.”

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GTA fans uncovered employees working on GTA 6.

Meanwhile, Schacter works on gameplay animation as a Senior Animator implementing, “unique story-driven animation vignettes.”

On Reddit, some excited fans believe the job details about cinematic transitions could be implying character switching like in GTA 5, confirming rumors about three playable protagonists.

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Employees are working on GTA 6.

“Holy sh*t! This is huge if they’re implementing Motion Matching in GTA 6,” another remarked before comparing the tech to The Last of Us Part 2. “Motion matching would make transitions really seamless. TLOU2 is probably the only example we have of this tech.”

Unfortunately, that’s everything we know for now, but with each day that passes, we’re inching closer toward GTA 6 and a possible trailer. Only time will tell if the game ends up living up to its immense hype or if it falters in a wave of disappointment.

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