Scrapped GTA 5 DLC details surface years after being canceled

Connor Bennett
gta 5 dlc

Another part of the scrapped ‘Agent’ DLC for GTA 5 has resurfaced online years after the update was canceled by Rockstar Games. 

When it comes to single-player DLC for their games, Rockstar has been all over it with some classics at times. The Lost and the Damned, The Ballad of Gay Tony, and Undead Nightmare are looked back fondly upon by GTA and Red Dead Redemption fans. 

GTA V saw the iconic game developers go away from that, though, as the single-player side of the game hasn’t received a DLC at all. Sure, GTA Online may have taken more precedence as it boomed in popularity, leading to some massive updates over the last decade, but many fans wanted something to continue the story of Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. 

Well, Trevor was supposedly earmarked for a single-player DLC known as ‘Agent’ where, as the name suggested, GTA 5’s biggest psychopath would have gone all James Bond for a little bit. A lot of these assets ultimately went into GTA Online’s Doomsday Heist. 

Now, part of the soundtrack for the scrapped update has resurfaced, as GTAFocal shared an unreleased song from the band Sweet Valley that was apparently posted behind a paywall back in 2021. 

The song has the file name ‘Clifford’ – which is part of the codename for the update – and sounds very much like something that would play during a car chase or shoot-out while escaping.

Some other details about the scrapped update have surfaced over the years, with Steven Ogg – the actor who played Trevor – revealing he’d even done motion capture for the update. However, Rockstar went cold on things. 

Other leaks have claimed that North Yankton and Liberty City-themed DLCs for single-player were also scrapped. Yet, they haven’t been backed up by any of the GTA 5 actors. 

Seeing as we’re unlikely ever to get a single-player DLC, Ned Luke, who plays Michael, has also revealed that he is open to reprising his character for a ‘final’ GTA Online update. Though, we’ll have to wait and see if Rockstar bites on that one.