GTA 5 actor responds as fans still desperate for GTA Online appearance

Connor Bennett
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Ned Luke, the actor behind Michael in GTA 5, has teased a potential GTA Online appearance from his character but fans aren’t quite sure how to feel about it. 

Over the last few years, several characters from the GTA V single-player mode have made the move over to GTA Online. Trevor and Franklin, two of the game’s main characters have both appeared, with Trevor even leading his own heist and Franklin being involved in The Contract update. 

The only one of the three main characters that has yet to make an appearance in GTA Online is Micheal. There have been a few updates that have had fans convinced that the mastermind from single-player would appear, but they’ve been let down. 

Ned Luke and Michael De Santa
Ned Luke voices Michael De Santa in Grand Theft Auto 5.

With the new Bottom Dollar Bounties update around the corner, there is another link to the single-player mode as Maude Eccles – the Bounty Hunter – makes a reappearance. And that has only made fans more desperate for Michael to join the party. 

So much so that one fan tweeted that they believe that he’ll be kept for GTA Online’s “final” big update. That drew the attention of Ned Luke, who voices the character, as he ultimately liked the post. 

The actor also responded to another fan who said the game “needs” a DLC about Michael. “Wouldn’t that be nice?” Luke said. 

Some fans took those interactions to mean that Michael will eventually appear, but others aren’t so sure. 

“This definitely isn’t him confirming anything. Though this does mean he’s definitely down to do it,” one said. “Don’t get your hopes up, why would he reveal anything when he 100% has an NDA with Rockstar?” another added.

“A final mission with Franklin, Michael, and Trevor would be sick,” commented another fan. “Yet another case of a GTA fans setting themselves up for disappointment, even though I’d love a Michael DLC,” another chimed in. 

The actor isn’t shy about talking up his love of the Grand Theft Auto series, and has regularly streamed himself playing GTA 5. 

It ultimately remains to be seen if he’ll reprise his role at some point before GTA 6 releases, but it’s something some fans are still hopeful of seeing.