GTA 6 fan recreates trailer in Minecraft

John Esposito
GTA 6 fan recreates trailer in Minecraft

GTA 6 isn’t coming until 2025, and fans are getting restless waiting for new content. One fan took the time to recreate the reveal trailer in Minecraft, with the result rather impressive.

It feels like eons ago, but after a massive leak in 2022 and a series of leaks before the reveal, Rockstar finally lifted the lid and showed the world GTA 6 in early December. While the trailer didn’t show any gameplay, it racked up an otherwordly viewer count, an impressive display of how far the series reaches.

Since then, it’s been radio silent, and rightfully so since GTA 6 is still a little under two years away, Rockstar is holding all the cards, barring more catastrophic leaks. That hasn’t stopped fans from spending hours combing over the trailer for an ounce of new content while others have recreated it in various ways.

A new recreation of the trailer has gone live, this time calling on the power of Minecraft. 

GTA 6 official trailer recreated in Minecraft

YouTube creator EvilGame shared their creation to their account, and it’s amazing how well the recreation is. Everything perfectly matches, at least the best it can with Minecraft’s style, as scenic shots showed off the Florida Joker, the mud-girl, and more.

The YouTube comments loved the recreation, as plenty of praise was given to EvilGame for taking the time to recreate the full trailer. GTA 6 subreddit users caught the trailer and shared it to the platform, with the reactions echoing the YouTube comments, albeit a little bit funnier.

“The thought……the time devoted…….my guy you are a serial killer,” one reply eerily replied. Another felt the same and bluntly stated: “Where do people find the time to do this sh*t?”

Of course, videos like these open up the floodgates for hardware jokes, and there was no shortage of those. “Damn didn’t know the Switch was getting a version,” while another said: “This is how the graphics are going to look like on my Asus work laptop.”

Along with that, the timeless GTA 6 release joke made an appearance: “We really got GTA 6 in Minecraft before GTA 6.”

Impressive feat nonetheless, but be sure the Florida Joker doesn’t see this, or else his demands are going to reach GTA Online bank account levels of absurdity.