Are GTA Online updates teasing GTA 6?

Connor Bennett

GTA Online players think they’ve found hints from Rockstar Games towards GTA 6 through some of the game’s latest updates.

Even though there hasn’t been much, if any, solid evidence of Grand Theft Auto 6 even being in the works, that hasn’t stopped GTA fans from dissecting every small detail that Rockstar Games gives them. 

The hype around the supposedly upcoming game has been helped by ‘leaks’ which have hinted at the game’s potential story, characters, and setting. Of course, none of these have come with any sort of credible proof, but some fans believe that Rockstar has been hinting at one in particular – the flashback to the 1980s – being true thanks to GTA Online updates.

GTA screengrab, via KotakuGTA Online is still going strong.

In a substantially long post to the GTAForums website, user Benefactor69 broke down how the latest GTA Online updates have added new vehicles to the game in the same way that GTA IV did prior to the release of GTA V.

Back then, some cars were, in Benefactor69’s words, “unfinished” as graphic elements like their badges and parts of the interiors were missing, seemingly looking like a backward port just to drop filler content.

Of course, it’s a different story now as all the cars are of a higher standard, but the newest ones are a flashback to a bygone era. Take the ‘Weeny Dynasty’ from the October 17 GTA Online content update, it looks more like a Grand Theft Auto: Vice City vehicle than a modern-day Los Santos one.

GTA WikiThe Weeny Dynasty is different to the current crop of GTA Online vehicles.

The posters theory didn’t finish up there, though, as they noted that the ‘Doomsday Heist’ was supposedly GTA Online’s final major piece of DLC but was, instead, followed by the Diamond Casino that has had 80s vibes in the decor, storyline, and the vintage vehicles.

“If Rockstar is reusing GTA VI content as filler in the more recent GTA Online updates, it would definitely seem like they are hinting at a vintage setting,” the user said, concluding with their theory. 

Benefactor69’s lengthy forum post about the GTA 6 teases.

Of course, this is purely the thoughts of one poster and should be taken with a hint of salt, but there are things that can’t be ignored.

Rockstar has used GTA to tease future games – including, as Benefactor69 says, GTA IV and GTA V. They’ve also dropped hints about the Bully franchise inside GTA Online, but it remains to be seen if anything comes of it.

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