Trevor voice actor hints at GTA 6 release date coming "soon" - Dexerto

Trevor voice actor hints at GTA 6 release date coming “soon”

Published: 19/Oct/2019 13:09 Updated: 19/Oct/2019 16:34

by Andy Williams


Grand Theft Auto 6 is one of the most eagerly anticipated titles of all time, and according to series voice actor, Steven Ogg, fans can expect Rockstar Games’ latest installment to the franchise sooner rather than later.

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Rockstar Games have kept official details surrounding the release of GTA VI under wraps, but considering the build-up and interest relating to the next iteration of the long-running series, it’s no surprise that numerous leaks have surfaced.

Amid the details that have slipped through the cracks thus far, Trevor Philips’ voice actor has apparently provided perhaps the most authentic piece of information pertaining to the release date of GTA 6.


Steven Ogg (YouTube)Steven Ogg voices GTA V protagonist, Trevor Phillips.
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Appearing in a question-and-answer session at Brazil Game Show 2019, Steven Ogg revealed that GTA 6 will “be out soon,” before going on to add: “Video games are usually developed between seven to eight years — you do the math” according to reports from MeUPS4.

Ex-Rockstar Games insider @Yan2295 added to the speculation by insinuating that the popular voice actor could be “just guessing” based on the general development time of these games.

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Of course, should Ogg be directly involved in GTA 6, he will be bound by a non-disclosure agreement as part of his contract with Rockstar. However, given the vague nature of the comment, the sincerity of the offhand remark is worth consideration versus what we already know. 


Indeed, we know that Rockstar are deep into their development cycle of the game, and with a new set of consoles due out in the holiday season of 2020, this triad of information appears to point towards a late 2020/early 2021 release.

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Fans must bear in mind that this is not a bona fide detail, and is subject to interpretation. For all we know, GTA 6 may not even be the title of the next entry in the series.

However, given the clear correlation between Rockstar’s development cycle and the release dates of next-gen consoles, it is quite plausible that these claims hold substance.


What do we know about GTA 6?

SonyThere have been numerous ‘leaks’ for GTA 6 – including some accompanying the PS5.

GTA 6 is yet to be confirmed, but leaks and rumors point towards another installment in Rockstar’s insanely popular series. 

Arguably the most plausible leak is a post from ‘Pastebin’, which previously stated that a Christmas 2020 release is likely for GTA 6, alongside the PS5. All predictions made in this post have come true, including the PS5 release date. 

They also speculated that Sony had paid significant figures to secure a month of exclusive access. It remains unconfirmed, but will definitely add to fans’ excitement ahead of a future GTA announcement. 

We’ve compiled a list of the most plausible GTA 6 leaks, to ensure no stone is left unturned in the run up to another Grand Theft Auto.