All GTA 6 locations and events possibly revealed in major leaks

Michael Gwilliam
GTA 6 locations and event details leaked

New information discovered in the huge GTA 6 developmental footage gameplay leak may have revealed all of the locations in Vice City and events from the game.

For months now, Rockstar Games has remained quiet on all things related to GTA 6, despite fans anxiously awaiting an official reveal and trailer since the game was first announced.

Although Rockstar has remained mum, a massive series of leaks from 2022 finally showed fans what the game studio had been working on, confirming a return to Vice City, a female protagonist, and more.

Hidden in that footage appears to be a list of locations and events coming to the game and in a series of posts, fans who combed through the leaks compiled everything they saw.

GTA 6 towns and cities leaked

In a thread on Reddit, user ‘tusstaster’ compiled a list of every city and town in GTA 6 along with locations inside of them.

In total, 12 cities and towns were found in the files with the main one being Vice City, but there are plenty of others worth noting.

A map of GTA 6.
GTA 6 is looking absolutely massive.

The full list consists of: Port Gellhorn, Ambrosia, Redhill, LO, Sundown, Copperhead, Yorktown, Lake Leonida, Ekanfinika, Hamlet, and Domed Hills.

Additionally, there are some special locations such as a couple of strip malls, a forest, a beach plaza, and even drag strips.

Of course, that’s all that fans know so far. It’s certainly possible that more will be added as development continues or are added as DLC, as rumored by insiders.

GTA 6 events leak reveals UFOs, gangs and clubs

In four other threads, the user showcased over 1,000 events in GTA 6, which should add a ton of fuel to the speculation fire.

Of note, there are numerous drug labs, including ones in RVs that could be Breaking Bad references, suggesting that drugs will play a key role.

GTA 6 shootout
Fans are anxiously awaiting details about GTA 6.

Other big ones include Warehouse Sex Robots, a sobriety test, Malibu Club, numerous gang encounters, romance options, heists, a Bonnie & Clyde mystery, crime scenes, and UFOs.

If you were already hyped for GTA 6, this new leak should send your excitement level to the moon. Of course, it’s possible that not everything here gets added to the finished product, but we can’t wait to see what Rockstar has in store.

With rumors suggesting that GTA 6 could finally be revealed this year ahead of a planned 2024 release, hopefully, we won’t have long to wait before we can return to Vice City.