GTA 6 reveal trailer Easter eggs: Vice City references, Florida lore and more

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The first GTA 6 trailer has finally dropped, with the Easter egg hunt already underway as fans examine the footage frame by frame. Here are some of the most notable from the video, including nods to GTA Vice City, real Florida locations, and pop culture moments from the state that has inspired the location for the next installment.

After years of waiting, fans have finally gotten the first GTA 6 trailer. Despite initially leaking online, developer Rockstar was quick to officially drop the trailer, albeit a bit earlier than they had previously planned.

As one can expect from such a dedicated fanbase, GTA lovers have already begun pointing out various Easter eggs and references throughout the minute and thirty-second-long announcement trailer.

Some of which pay homage to the real-life history of the city of Florida, with others also referencing previous GTA games and lore.

Without further ado, here is a breakdown of some of the biggest Easter eggs noticed so far, with many more likely to arrive in the coming days.


GTA 6 Easter eggs pay homage to Vice City 

Many GTA fans were thrilled when it was revealed that GTA 6 would be returning to a familiar location, with the new game confirmed to feature Vice City as a prominent location once again. 

As a result, fans were quick to point out a variety of moments from the game that pay tribute to the 2002 classic title.

Vice City car still spawns in the same location in GTA 6

One such Vice City Easter egg that eagle-eyed fans picked up takes place at the 33-second mark of the trailer. The shot, which includes a spanning view of very expensive-looking cars driving down the road, includes a vehicle that many may recognize from Vice City.

GTA 6 open world as seen in the trailer
GTA 6 appears to have many Vice City Easter eggs throughout

At the very back of the shot, a yellow car can be seen parked on the side of the road. While this may not seem like much on the surface, Redditor ‘sidtheslug’ was quick to point out that it appears to be a revamped version of the same car that could always be found in the exact location in Vice City.


Florida landmarks & stores teased throughout the trailer

The location for GTA 6 is heavily inspired by Florida, with this first trailer making that clear based off of locations and various posters littered throughout the footage.

Flannigan’s restaurant chain Easter egg

At the 1:18 mark, a Flannigan’s logo can be seen on the door of the store that is about to be raided. This is a direct reference to a chain of restaurants found in the South of Florida that is both popular and a source of entertainment for the locals.

byu/IHitAn11 from discussion

Florida landmark Easter eggs

Speaking of locations, a wide shot of the trailers reveals something that looks almost exactly like the real-life landmark of the Florida Keys as well as the Everglade.

Given that these are both located in the southern part of Florida, this could indicate that the map will be large and that the trailer has only shown a small section of what players will be able to explore.

Florida pop culture Easter eggs riddled throughout GTA 6 trailer 

As well as real-life locations, the GTA 6 trailer also includes many Easter eggs about the lore and major news stories from Florida. And while GTA 6 will not be set explicitly in Florida, the city will be called Leonida. 

Florida Man spoof Easter egg

These rumors are in light of an Easter egg from the trailer that makes note of someone called Leonida Man, a potential nod to the famous Florida Man meme and TV series.

Real Life Joker from Florida hinted at as well

Another notable figure from the city that appears in the trailer is the infamous criminal Florida Joker. Back in 2022, a model from the state was arrested, with the case going viral after his mugshot and facial tattoos resembled the DC Comics villain.

At the 1:05 mark of the trailer, the footage cuts to a new report of a criminal who strikes a very similar resemblance to the real-life figure.

Gator scare in store

One part of the trailer shows security cam footage of an alligator entering a convenience store. Many believe that this is a nod to a real-life situation, where in 2013 a gator forced a Walmart store in Apopka, Florida to lock its doors as it waited outside.

An alligator entering a store in GTA 6 trailer

Florida man does yard work naked

In 2018, a man from South Florida made headlines after being filmed doing his yard work and cleaning his car while… naked. In the GTA 6 trailer, there’s a striking resemblance to the moment, as one frame shows a male character stripped down into Speedos and a golf cap watering his lawn.

Miami Vice inspiration takes center stage

One of the very first shots from the first GTA 6 trailer sets the tone of the game in a big way. The shot of the speedboat trundling through the water resembles the open credits of the 2006 series, Miami Vice. G

GTA 6 music Easter eggs

Lastly, it wouldn’t be a GTA title without music taking center stage at some point. With each new title, classic songs fill the in-game radio stations, a feature that has become a staple of any GTA game.

Trailer music artist referenced in-game

Already, fans of the series are googling the name of the song that plays throughout the trailer. However, the footage show also pays homage to the music.

A GTA fan posted on Twitter an in-game Easter egg of “a sticker found on a door that says Petty Forever you can see it at 1:16 on the right.”

This could very likely be a nod to Tom Perry, the artist who sings the song Love is Long Road which plays throughout the first GTA 6 trailer.

For the moment, these are the main Easter eggs that have been found throughout the GTA 6 announcement trailer. However, there are likely to be many more that pop up in the coming days and weeks. As a result, be sure to check back in on this article as we keep it updated with all the latest Easter egg hints.

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