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Genshin Impact Barbara and Venti skin concept brings Christmas cheer to Teyvat

Published: 23/Dec/2021 17:19

by James Busby


A talented Genshin Impact fan has created some Christmas-themed skins for Barbara and Venti, bringing plenty of festive cheer to the magical world of Teyvat. 

The Holiday season is in full swing and Genshin Impact travelers are busy preparing for the 2.4 and 2.5 updates. However, before we jump ahead to the New Year, one Genshin Impact fan has created Christmas-themed skins for Barbara and Venti. 

Not only do they look incredibly detailed, but they also demonstrate just how talented the Genshin Impact community truly is. While miHoYo has yet to officially release any winter skins for the Mondstadt duo, that hasn’t stopped soyventilatte from sharing their festive designs.


In fact, these Christmas concept skins have us hoping miHoYo will add seasonal skins in the game’s future updates.

Genshin Impact Christmas skin concepts

Barbara and Jean in Genshin Impact
Barbara’s Christmas skin concept has us wanting festive skins.

The world of Teyvat is filled with all kinds of different regions. From the colorful streets of Liyue to the feudal settings of Inazuma, there are plenty of colorful locations for Travelers to discover. However, one of the most iconic areas is that of Dragonspine. 

This region is home to snow-capped mountains and frigid lakes, which make it the perfect place for some festive fun. While travelers recently enjoyed taking part in some winter-themed snowman building, miHoYo has yet to release any Christmas skins. 


Fortunately, soyventilatte has created their own Barbara and Venti skins that perfectly capture the Holiday spirit. Barbara’s white dress has been switched to a vibrant red ensemble, while a pair of reindeer antlers have been carefully placed atop her head. The look is rounded off with golden bells and a Christmas present bag. 

Meanwhile, Venti also finds himself clad head to toe in red. His green beret hat has been replaced with Santa’s red hat, while a holly branch and miniature snowman have been affixed to his outfit. 

It’s clear a lot of work went into these Genshin Impact concept skins and we can’t wait to see what other designs soyventilatte makes in the New Year!