XDefiant: Gameplay, platforms & everything we know

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Ubisoft’s new FPS title, XDefiant, was born out of the Tom Clancy universe but has since moved on. The project evolved into a team-based title in the same vein as Call of Duty. Here’s everything we know so far.

XDefiant hit the scene back in July 2021 as the next installment in the Tom Clancy universe – alongside the popular Rainbow Six series.

However, it’s now its own unique universe, with XDefiant taking on a life of its own. Ubisoft’s upcoming FPS made a strong first impression on the COD community, with some labeling it as a “promising competitor.”

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In June, Mark Rubin, Ubisoft Executive Producer, revealed more about the game at Ubisoft Forward.


Is there an XDefiant release date yet?

XDefiant has been delayed indefinitely, with no current release date or window announced. While Mark Rubin originally said during Ubisoft Forward that XDefiant will launch summer 2023, the game has encountered some setbacks.

In an update released on September 11, Rubin explained why XDefiant still has no release date. After detailing how the game submission process works, Rubin confirmed the game did not pass after being submitted in late July. At the time, the developers hoped to resubmit the game in a matter of weeks.

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However, following months of work and a public test session in late September, the XDefiant team announced an indefinite delay. The team cited “inconsistencies in the game experience” that need to be addressed ahead of launch.

What platforms will XDefiant be on?

XDefiant will be available for Xbox One and X|S, PlayStation 4/5, PC, and Amazon Luna. 

The game will run at 120 Hz on PS5 and Xbox Series X according to Mark Rubin.

Is there an XDefiant Open Beta?

XDefiant’s latest open beta took place June 21-23. More recently, there was a Public Test Session that ran between September 28-29.

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XDefiant trailer & gameplay details

Former Call of Duty devs and pro players helped created XDefiant. And because of that, the fast-paced FPS feels a lot like COD in many ways. The game features 14 maps and 18 maps at launch, and Rubin unveiled a roadmap with much more content scheduled in the pipeline.

In the game’s first year, Ubisoft plans on adding 12 maps and 12 new weapons, spread across four seasons of content.

Every character (called a ‘Defiant’) will have access to the standard assortment of lethal and tactical equipment and can choose their own primary and secondary weapons, along with attachments to complete their loadout. You’ll even be able to tweak it on the fly after respawning.

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However, unique abilities also charge over time. From self-healing to powerful bubble shields, various classes (called ‘Factions’ in XDefiant) have access to their own set of tools.

XDefiant, like a few other team-based FPS games, will feature 6v6 game modes, such as Team Deathmatch Domination and Escort. Ubisoft has also promised a large pool of uniquely designed maps in rotation so that “no two matches will feel the same.”

The game’s latest trailer features community reactions from popular FPS content creators trying out XDefiant during its first test phase.

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That’s all we know about XDefiant for now, but as soon as more information on the official release rolls out, we’ll be sure to update you with the latest information.

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